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Hi there!

I just wanted to post here to see if anyone had any tips or experience that they'd like to share as I am looking to find a job in IT in Sofia. I have a Bachelors Degree and some experience. I have been applying on the Bulgarian jobs sites for the past week and I was wondering if anyone had any good experiences with these sites.

I have been reading around on this site and people are saying that the only way to find a job in Sofia is online. If that's true, how were your experiences with the likes of,, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read  :)

please send your resume to xxx

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please send your resume to

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Hi Cudzer,

For what it is worth my consider opinion having worked in Sofia for 4 years for a major US company.
Jobsite are what they are and yes, I use them myself too when looking round.
But my own experience is, have you tried the direct approach??? There are a number of multis in Sofia that employ larger number of expats. HP. MS, some B2B companies like Sutherland, Cisco too.
Generally, IT skills alone I would say are not enough for BG companies to wait for you. There are many well trained young locals, highly educated and available. English skills although desirable are often only in combination with another language of better use. I assume you also don't speak Bulgarian?!
My best advice would be, write to some majors, and spend 2 weeks in Sofia job hunting.
Good luck

How did it go? :)

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jakir_noor wrote:

hello any bangladeshi is there

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