Internship in Bulgaria

Internship in Bulgaria
Updated 2015-09-07 13:32

Looking for an internship in Bulgaria? Find information on the related conditions and procedures in this article.

Bulgaria is a culturally rich country along with many career prospects for expatriates. Apart from students wishing to pursue their higher studies there, the country is also a leading destination in terms of professional opportunities. Every year, many foreign students and young professionals seek internship offers in Bulgaria. Hence, if you are one of them, it is best to inquire on conditions and procedures regarding internships in the country beforehand.


One of the first things to do is to distinguish between long and short term internships. In general, short-term internships do no exceed three months and require neither a work permit nor a resident permit. In the case of long-term internships, candidates have to apply for a residence certificate before proceeding.

If internship is a compulsory part of your study program, you will require an agreement between you, your university or other higher education institution and the company willing to take you on board. Some companies offer remunerated internships according to their policy. Moreover, students are often hired permanently by the company following the internship period.

In the case of long term internships, according to an agreement between respective parties, social contributions are to be made either by the State or the company, or by the company and the trainee. In all cases, you are advised to subscribe to a health insurance which will cover any accident at work.

Good to know:

You will have to comply with the Bulgarian labor law, regardless of the type and duration of the internship.


Four main types of internship contracts apply in Bulgaria, namely the acquisition of professional qualification contract, the apprenticeship contract, the acquisition of a higher grade and new type of skill contract and, finally, the acquisition of professional qualification for job-seeker contract.

It is therefore clear that all types of internship opportunities in Bulgaria are available for anyone, regardless of their age. Moreover, seasonal internship offers do not apply to students only. In fact, anyone can approach a company with the aim of developing one's skills in a particular field. Finally, internships are validated by the issuance of a participation certificate.

Promising sectors

Internship opportunities are offered by many Bulgarian companies. Nevertheless, most applicants tend to apply in the following fields: health, public science, development, tourism, marketing and trade. You will note that the country's unemployment rate is quite low compared to the rest of Europe. Hence, you have all chances of being hired by a Bulgarian or foreign company so as to enrich your professional experience and upgrade your resume.

Find an internship

During your search, feel free to contact foreign Chambers of Commerce in Bulgaria as well as the National Employment Agency which provides assistance to young students and professionals. Otherwise, you can view internship offers on the Internet, on general and specialized job websites, as well on the websites of companies having current vacancies.

Good to know:

Most internship opportunities are available in summer. But you can still find an internship throughout the rest of the year.

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