Cost of labour and building work

Does anyone have any up-to-date info on the rough cost per square metre to build a house in Bulgaria in terms of labour and materials. An agent in Bulgaria told me between 500 and 700e m2. Does that fit with anybody else's estimates?

I've certainly heard that range of cost. But it's a "piece of string" type question, as you know, because it depends a lot on what kind of quality of construction, how much thermal insulation, how big/how many floors, and to what stage of construction (Act 14, Act 16, fully finished).

I recently found a Bulgarian construction company which does prefabricated that looks like normal houses (and they qualify for mortgage financing). They are and they've built some very nice houses.

They have a pricing page, and they have 3 stages ("rough construction, standard, to the key" which I think are equivalent to the above) at 219+VAT, 449+VAT, 539+VAT. I reckon these prices have to be in the ballpark of traditional construction, otherwise they don't get much business.

Applying these, it suggests that shell construction of a 120 m2 house, might be around 32k euros. While a full finished 180 m2 house would be more like 120k euros.

I've had some locals in for renovation work. But as a stupid foreigner, I feel it would be a big risk for me to let them loose with 100k plus euros to build a whole house. But if you speak Bulgarian, or you have friends in high places, or you can find a reputable builder, perhaps it's a different story.

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Many thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.

Thanks for your reply. Appreciated.