Looking for Care work

My wife is head of care in a uk residential home. My question is would she be able to find similar work in Bulgaria working and looking after the elderly ?

In short it's a probable no.. the Bulgarian people tend to care for their own elderly families, families are very important to them, and they often live together within an extended family.  I don't even know whether care homes exist here? Maybe there are such establishments in the bigger cities? I don't know though? Even if such establishments did exist, how would your wife communicate with them? Does she speak Bulgarian?


There is one in samokov  but as Jules says the language barrier is going to be a problem

Thanks for your advice


There are care homes and care agencies here, as there are in the UK. But I'd imagine that Bulgarian language and/or Bulgarian qualifications might be a likely requirement.

The salary difference might be a shock too. A self-employed carer is about 1k GBP per week + agency fee... whereas a similar person here might be 1k euros per month.

It probably won't be a shock if your employed by a care home which most are ...  Minimum wage...  overtime at single time unless your called in prior to a shift then it's time and a half.. few and far between I'm afraid though

Public holidays single time ..  night shifts same pay as days just more hours 12 instead of 6

Where we live in the southeast it's a care home paradise...   And they pay minimum wages .

I don't think qualifications will be much of a problem as it's pretty much compulsory to have to do online courses on all sorts of subjects

My wife's worked for various care homes for the last 8 years

I wonder if there's a business offering home care in areas with a high population of English speaking expats, as previously healthy retirees reach to the point where they may need extra help but don't want to return to their country of origin, and don't know enough Bulgarian to cope with having Bulgarian carers.

I don't know such a service exists, but I can see a potential need for it.


Now that's a good idea Jane..    and has a definite potential