Is it easy to find a job in Bulgaria?

I am Mohammed Al-Zuhairy from Egypt. Is it easy to find a job in Bulgaria? I have hands-on experience in computer and crafts as well as agriculture. Is it worth the travel procedures

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Personally, I don't think it is easy to get a job in Bulgaria. I suggest that you read the articles under the Work in Bulgaria section of the Guide and create your CV in the Jobs in Bulgaria section for better exposure.

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@elzehiry90 If you like working with programming, you can go to this company . They need testers

Sorry can't help as my working life for others is over and my work now is just for me.

However I do not think it's easy to work in Bulgaria because you have a language barrier.. jobs are hard to come by so competition is high.. wages are lower than the rest of EU .. many Bulgarians work abroad because of the the reasons above .. I believe in the UK there are 69000 who came to live and work because it advantaged them .. they certainly did not come to UK KO for the weather lol