Online Store for Bulgarians

I am interested in starting an E-commerce apparel store in Bulgaria. Is shopping for clothing online popular for Bulgarians? Could anyone mention some websites that currently do this. I would most likely dropship the apparel from a  nearby country. Being an American and unfamiliar with the area, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hello! I know a very good service It will help you greatly to choose correct niche, analyze the clothing market and find the average price for the product. So you will start fast with minimum cost. This service helped me much in starting winter hat business for UK.

Check these: … gIt9_D_BwE

And one advice - focus on women!!!

I'm not clear whether you want information of which companies sell clothing online, or whether you want information of  web building / e-commerce sites, that you can build your store on.

You main competitors are as follows...,,,, and leads this market with revenues of US$50.6 million in 2022. Followed by with sales of US$43.7 million and then with sales of US$24.3 million. Together, the top three online stores account for a market share of 27.6% of the top 100 stores in the Bulgarian Fashion market.

As far as building's an online store / e commerce site, there are loads of sites facilitating that just Google "build your e commerce site"

You could, of course, go to a company that would build you a e-commerce site for a fee.

Clothing in Bulgaria is very mixed, with Bulgarians having different tastes for different qualities.  Some prefer cheap Chinese / Asian produced clothing, many prefer quality clothing from Turkey and Italy and there's a hardened contingent of the population who prefer to buy Bulgarian made clothing, to which there is a significant industry.

Bulgarians are quite conservative with what they wear, so something out of the ordinary may not go down very well here.  I would suggest you go to different parts of the country and study what the populous wears, as cities and towns can differ, depending how affluent the place is. People in Varna - particularly women, dress smart - in Sofia it's not the case!  Try walking around Sofia Zoo on a weekend - I was shocked at how many people were wearing jogging bottoms and trainers.  Remember too, that salaries are low here and disposable income isn't as great as other countries.

I personally, only buy Italian, Bulgarian and Turkish made clothes.


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