Looking for work in bulgaria for English speaker

hey there im looking for working in Bulgaria Karlovo area but i do not speak Bulgarian yet i am in the process of learning from my Bulgarian girlfriend but i need job there. i have wanted to live there for about 5 years but never been able to do it as most jobs in England only allow you 4 weeks holiday i am open to all kinds of work i do have home in Karlovo but i do not drive so would need work around this area until i start to drive HELP ME PLEASE !!!!

I would have thought your first thing would be to learn to drive. Living in Bulgaria without a car is a pain unless you live in a big city.

yes i thought this to but i have been going Bulgaria for about 7 years so i know most public transport i done lessons in England but my work stopped here so i think it time to just try get to Bulgaria again i know a few English people there but due to not speaking Bulgarian i know it will be hard to fine job but any help would be good

but here in England i had jobs in Cleaning,Roofing and Cladding,bar work and also i was a dj and still have all the equipment and i will take it there one day as a Bulgarian friend said they will help i have also been a window cleaner so would of of these jobs work over there

Hi and welcome to Bulgaria!
I've been working as a recruiter for a while and there are opportunities for English speakers who don't know Bulgarian, especially if you are an IT expert looking for a role in a multinational company.
What type of roles are you looking for?

I will be happy to assist you.

Hi, I am and "IT" professional. i live in Bulgaria, and i run my UK based "IT" company from here. If you need any help please message me.

hi i don't do IT wish i did i know it going to be hard to find work there but i will be there soon for few days so will look then i just really want to be there for good and not just for months at a time lol :)

Having just returned from bulgaria after having to count the cost of bad workmanship and further damge done by vandals and not being the only expat to have had this sort of thing happen to them, I'm convinced there will be a market for Europeans to work for Expats to provide a good service and higher standard of work all in line with the standards we pay for as Europeans, i work as a Project manager in Construction and have a background in Design and architecture so im looking to offer a full design and build service to European standards and give full assurances on all my work both on and off site, so im looking to make contacts with Expats that have experience in the building trade that will also stand by thier work.........

It is good to see people with much needed skills coming to Bulgaria but in order to succeed it would be advisable for them to apply these skills to researching Bulgarian Planning and Building procedures which are every bit as rigorous as those applied in the rest of Europe. Changing the habits of many generations who did not have the benefit of European Union bureaucracy to tell them how and where to build will clearly take longer than the half dozen years since the current laws were first promulgated.

It would also be advisable to remember that Bulgarians are Europeans and have been since the beginning of recorded history. They are also intelligent and skilled people who deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect as one would any citizen of the European Union or indeed any other person, anywhere.

I have experience of building standards on several continents and Bulgaria is no worse than most.but one acknowledges that this country has its share, just like the UK, Spain and indeed every country I have ever visited of cowboy builders. Please, however, don't blame Bulgaria or all Bulgarians for poor choices made by immigrants (yes, here we are the immigrants) when appointing tradesmen.

someone please just point me the way of jobs for english in bulgaria ie websites i can use to look and also numbers if u have then thanks


Im Portuguese living in Bulgaria, Sofia, and Im working in a Call Center, Costumer Service Representative.
The company where I work is 60k
But you can check here : jobs.bg/index.php

hey there i am looking to set up  Window cleaning company in Bulgaria i was just wondering about rules/laws of setting the business up

Best to start your own thing


Hi, my husband has just left his IT job and wondered what sort of work would be available when we were out there?


vanessacosta wrote:


Im Portuguese living in Bulgaria, Sofia, and Im working in a Call Center, Costumer Service Representative.
The company where I work is 60k
But you can check here : jobs.bg/index.php

Olá Vanessa, estou no processo de recrutamento para a mesma empresa e também para Costumer Service Representative. Podes-me dizer um pouco mais sobre o trabalho aí? Existem muitos Portugueses a trabalhar nessa função?
Obrigado e talvez até já...

Olá Vanessa, estou no processo de recrutamento para a mesma empresa e também para Costumer Service Representative. Podes-me dizer um pouco mais sobre o trabalho aí? Existem muitos Portugueses a trabalhar nessa função?
Obrigado e talvez até já...

pauloalex wrote:

Olá Vanessa, estou no processo de recrutamento para a mesma empresa e também para Costumer Service Representative. Podes-me dizer um pouco mais sobre o trabalho aí? Existem muitos Portugueses a trabalhar nessa função?
Obrigado e talvez até já...

English please as this is an English speaking forum. That way others can understand your post.
Thank you.

hey all i can drive now and i have a car in England and will be taking it to Bulgaria when i move there next year but i still need work i will be living in the Karlovo area but i can travel i am looking for all kinds of work i can work in a team or alone so please someone help i really need to have a job to move there

hi just reading through the mails, seems like you are on an exciting journey, I hope to follow a simuilar route out of UK too, so good luck brother hope it goes well, and just remember at least you are giving it a go thats the first positive step! You can always reply and let me know how it goes be good to hear as I have it in the pipeline too?
Cheers Steve.

alright steve need a job there first lol and do u have a house in bulgaria ?

Yeah, I bought it 2 years this Sept, I have been getting it slowly renovated since then it is 95% complete, just gardening left now to do and paint outside and inside of the house, I know a bulgarian builder out there who has done the work, I bought the house from him. I was out last in April went down to Bansko for a few nights, then over to Arbansi and Lovech not too far from you? I will be out again in May, and maybe Sept? (be intrested to see how you get on driving over mate, read a few blogs and routes, see it's a 3-4 day journey but I know people do it, plus it's cheaper than buying a car over in BG too?)
Anyway nice to hear back from you and good luck. Steve.

well i currently am stuck in the uk and i hate it i have been going to bulgaria every year for 3 months sometimes more i just wish i could get job there as i need to be there with my girlfriend as she lives there and i just cant find a job no matter how hard i try i will even do gardening but the bulgarian are proud of there gardens so they do it all them self but now i have a licence and car i just need to get there and maybe things will open up once i move there i have thought of many ideas to do for working and would be nice to even open any business lol

Karlovo is definitely not the place where a foreigner with zero Bulgarian could find a job. Many BG ppl relocate to bigger cities in order to get a job, Why don't you try in another city (not town or village)?

Yes it will be very hard to find a job in a small city, it's hard for Bulgarians to find job (good jobs). Your best bet is to move to a bigger city, I'm sure your gf wouldn't mind. Also, a lot of people work seasonal, during the summer in sunny beach you can make enough money to last you till next season and you should be able to find work easy since there are many foreign visitors and English speakers are needed. They even provide a place for you to stay and in most cases food as part of the deal. I read you are planning on bringing your car? I assume the steering wheel is on the "wrong" side, lol? I would recommend you sell your car there and just buy one here, just be very careful when you buy a lot of scammers out there.

I know will be hard thats why i was even thinking window cleaner as i do that part time here and the money is not a problem as i have money and i was also thinking of opening a bar/cafe in the village i live in but i do not know how to go about this and my girlfriend who is bulgaria does not know how i can do this to i have the money to start it just need to know thats why i wanted a job there so i get to know people there who can help me

I know there are many scammers out there i baught a car in summer and the engine blew so thats why i baught one here in england but i can always buy another one there with help from my girlfriends father as i bought it myself last time and it was a panic buy so i could take my girlfriend uni and shopping to spend my money lol :)

Oh and how do i get a permit to live there with my girlfriend

Man I've been here for almost two years now, I had all these business ideas and the longer I'm here the more I see what a waist of money it will be to start something up here. You are a EU member it will be pretty easy to stay here, my observation has been that no one really cares if ur here or not and how long you have been here. I've been driving with my Californina drivers licence for the whole time I've been here even tho I can only drive with it for the first 3 months. As far as cleaning windows, people here do that themselves or their house keeper does it. I have a friend from Germany that lives here, he has a cleaning company and he is struggling hard. I don't know how it is in Karlovo but I see that little markets or a store of some sort do ok. And by ok I mean if you work 12-14h a day you will make enough to survive. I see this little fruit and veggie market that opened up by where I am and they are actually doing really well but I think they just got real lucky with location since there aren't any other very close and they have really good quality products and even though the prices are really high people that want the quality and have money shop there. So just see what's needed in where you want to start and decide the type of customer you want to attract.

lol, I can drive with my BG drivers license in Montreal too, as long as i don't get caught;) And why do you stay in BG if it is such a struggle?

The Brit guy-you tend to write too much and out of topic stuff, it seems as you never even researched on the Internet. And if it is only to stay with the gf, why dont you take her to the UK instead, she probably speaks some English and you would be struggling to learn Bulgarian.

It's a struggle to find a job, as the topic is "looking for work in Bulgaria for English speakers". I personally have not tried to look for work in BG but I see how it is for people and friends around me, people I have talked with who either try to start a business or find work.

yes you are right. In addition,  it is insane to think that you can easily find a job when you dont speak the local language and have no good qualification, the best thing you can do is to work as a call center operator which is not a job, it is contemporary version of hell.

You can start a business, few people open an import-export business my accountant said people should open something new for the Bulgarians something they don't have here.
Good luck

I wish you luck but having been here in BG for nearly nine years I can tell you that nearly everyone I have known who did not have a pension or some independent income and needed to work has gone back to the UK or wherever they came from. One or two exceptions of course, mostly in the building trade people but even they have struggled with the financial situation in Europe and find it hard to survive.

Was just wondering where you are based and how business is doing, do you have need of a builder I'm a plaster by trade but I've built two houses from scratch and can do all building work well, hope to here from you soon :)

As a matter of interest where are YOU based? And do you have a portfolio of your workmanship?