Registering a Burger Trailer or Burger Van how easy is this?

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How easy is it to register a Burger Van/Trailer in Bulgaria ?

What is the process and is their anyone who can help with this at all ?

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Not difficult.
1. Register the vehicle ( Road police offices)
2. Register as trader (create a company, court registration + tax registration)
3. Register as a food seller ( Food and drinks act)

You might need afterwards a permission to sell at a specified place in town.

Thank you very much Kristinan for replying im very grateful,  Do you know anybody who could help us with doing the registering of a company etc as we do not speak enough Bulgarian ourselves.

Would we have to have blood tests, urine tests at all ? as someone mentioned this to us ? I doubt that any gypsies in the market who cook sausages etc have done all those tests ?  Does the health department have to know ? if we are mobile ? and not a shop for instance?  no body in the health department speaks English, so we will need help but id be willing to pay someone to help us with all the paperwork when we are ready.

I can direct you to a person who does company registration, but I need to know in which city you are located. I can help for Sofia, Plоvdiv and Varna probably.

As for the sanitary requirements, I think there is a requirement for medical check for the staff working onsite.

But you will have to provide proofs for the medical checks before registaring the van as a food selling place.

Need to check, cos I'm not shure exactly where it was laid in the legislation, but it will be helpful for you to read the Food and drinks Act, (Закон за храните, ), last modification from 1.01.2017 г, also Regulation No. 1 for Food Hygiene, as of 26 Jan. 2016. It should not be difficult to find these in English.

Generally all the requirements are listed here, but this is in Bulgarian, try google translate:

and here:

Food Safety Agency will be monitoring your activity, as well as Tax office, Hygienic Inspection and Fire Department.

Great idea maybe I'll do a Thai Bulgarian fusion one.

Hi just read Your post did you ho a head with this, if so how eazy was it please

Did anybody managed to start a food truck business in BG?


@kristiann's post gives some good information, so as a starting point, check the links he's provided. He's Bulgarian so understands how things work there! There will be various legal requirements as he has listed, and also, more difficult to ascertain, finding a pitch. I'm not sure whether local councils licence specific locations for food trucks but it seems likely.

Just setting up without permissions and making sure it's not already seen as their area by a different food truck could be risky. Here in the UK people have been killed over encroaching on another food truck's territory!

@janemulberry  The information I am missing is only the food safety regulations for food trucks. Could You provide any help with that? Did You manage to open a food truck?

No, I have no interest in running a food truck!

I don't know for sure, but food safety regulations are likely to be managed locally. You may find those through the municipality you want to operate in.

hi, can you please update how easy it is , as a friend is about to open one, thank you

Jane doesn't run a food truck business, you would be better asking your friend for information on this subject, especially if they are just about to open one, they must have been through it all.

They can explain to you in layman terms how, what, where, why, and when.

Good luck.

Could anybody explain when would you need a separate kitchen to prepare some of the products for later using in a food truck? Does anybody know what you CAN and what you cannot do in a food truck?


In most countries (certainly the UK and US, I'm not sure for Bulgaria), this things are managed and licenced at a municipal level. There's probably not one set of rules that apply for the entire country.

Your best option to get the correct information is to contact the municipality you want to run the food truck in.

@janemulberry thanks for nicely telling me that you don't know :-) how do food trucks that go from event to event work? there must not only be municipality law but also some quidelines that apply for the whole country. My question is for example : can you prepare pizza dough in the food truck? or can you boil pasta for spaghetti in a food truck? or can you make a salad by cutting raw wegetables?

Thanks anyway :-)