Part time job while schooling

@Julien thanks , am coming in to do my masters in IT, I just want to know i ui can get a part time job while schooling and how easy can this be

Chinedo, your visa should make it clear whether you're permitted to work or not. I believe 20 hours a week work is allowed on a student visa.

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Please note that I have created a new thread from your post on the Bulgaria forum. In which region/city are you moving to ?

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Good luck with your studies!

The following confirms that @janemulberry is correct that you're allowed to work part-time (up to 20 hours) on a student visa.

I have no idea how easy or difficult it will be to find a job. And it probably depends on where you're studying, what your Bulgarian language is like, and exactly what kind of work you're looking for.

In any case, Bulgarian salaries are quite low, so you might find remote work appealing (especially as you're in the IT field).

@gwynj thanks for the response I do appreciate but like how much per hour, pls do I have any idea

@Chinedo Fortune

The official minimum wage is around 400 euros per month. Approximately, that's 100 per week, or 2.50 per hour. My guess is that low-skilled part-time jobs would be somewhere in the ballpark, but would depend on the exact job, the location, and your language skills. Many students want to do something more like a "placement" relevant to their studies, so perhaps this would pay even less. If you're lucky and get a "proper" job in IT (if you already have programming or other in-demand skills) then I'd expect it to pay substantially more.

If you're counting on a job in order to pay your course fees and living costs, that would be quite a risky (and stressful) proposition. I would personally prefer to have enough savings to pay for my stay in Bulgaria without working, and then any job income is a bonus. Besides, a Master's degree is quite a short course. I preferred to get my Master's done as fast as possible, which typically is one academic year (approximately 9 months, October through June). Over such a short period, it's quite hard to incorporate a job anyway, and it's arguably better to get back to the job market as a full-time, qualified employee as quickly as possible, as part-time student jobs are notoriously poorly paid.