Working in Sofia

Work in Sofia
Updated 2015-09-08 09:31

There are various ways to find a job in Sofia. Here are some tips to guide you through your job search.

Sofia, the Bulgarian capital city, is deemed to be a haven for expatriates. In fact, thanks to its developed economy, it has been attracting foreign professionals in large numbers over the years. Indeed, Sofia provides career prospects in various fields for those having qualifications and skills that are not available locally. Therefore, take the time to inquire on the local labor market's requirements and on working conditions before moving there.

Good to know:

There is currently a high demand for jobs in Sofia, like in other major Bulgarian cities. You will therefore have to be patient before finding the job which suits you best.


Sofia is known as Bulgaria's economic hub. It hosts not only many local and foreign companies' head offices but also international companies' subsidiaries. The city's economy is mainly based on manufacturing, metallurgy, energy, oil, water supply and hospitality and catering thanks to the presence of numerous hotels, restaurants and bars. You will also find many outsourcing companies which provide jobs for the following: communication professionals, computer engineers, managers, etc.

Labor market

Foreign expertise is much required in Sofia, both by local and foreign companies. But the city's active population also consists of a large number of graduates having less experience. Hence, the local labor market is quite competitive. But you are very likely to be hired in the management, communication, energy fields, etc.

Good to know:

When going to work in Sofia, you should not expect high wages. In fact, the minimum wage in Bulgaria amounts to 340 leva only, that is around 100 euros per month, even for foreigners having high profiles. You are therefore advised to think well before starting to look for a job there.

Find a job

Knowledge of one or more foreign languages will definitely be an asset during your job search in Sofia, especially in the customer relations and hospitality and catering fields. Remember to specify it in case you have sought the assistance of a recruitment agency to help you find a job there. You are also advised to mention it in your resume when sending spontaneous job applications to big companies operating across the city.

Otherwise, you can view job offers on general and specialized job websites, as well as on professional social networks. Word-of-mouth and networking might also help if you have friends and contacts in Sofia. Finally, you can seek the assistance of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or of foreign Chambers of Commerce in Sofia. You might be lucky. Who knows?

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