Searching for Bulgarians in Sofia


me and my friends from Czech are expanding their business to Bulgaria in coming months and searching for sales representatives in Sofia or its surrounding.

First ‚pioneers‘ from Sofia are already on board but we are still searching for others.

We started business 20 years ago in the Czech Republic and because we know about huge human potential of Bulgarians and their enthusiasm we decided to build organization in Sofia. We need passionate people who are ready to get over the language barriers. Not else is needed for the beginning.

Trust and two-way liking is for us essential therefore we prefer personal meeting in Sofia. These days we are planning a trip to Sofia for beginning of February (around 6-7th Feb).

If you are interested please drop me an email to
We will be very pleased to seeing you in Sofia.

Kind regards, Stanka Hanzalova

hi i would like any job at the moment but i do not speak bulgarian i only speak english i am in the middle of learning bulgarian as my girlfriend is teaching me

Hi Jobo,
thanks for your interest.

There is no issue with your bugarian at all! What is your nationality?

Is it possible for you to meet in Sofia in first half of February? We are planning a trip but the schedule is not firm yet (but will be available very soon).
I will let you know the dates we are in Sofia and then we can plan a short appointment, ok?


hey im English but in England at the moment and i will not be back in Bulgaria until around the march area but still let me know about dates and if u do set up business i will be even happy to work part time :) i am in process of learning Bulgarian as my girlfriend is teaching me

Ok then. I will come back to you in March when we will be planning next flight!
Keep in touch. Stanka

i will keep in touch i emailed you so you can always contact me if you wish sorry i can not meet next month

Hi Stanka Hanzalova -  i suggest you post an advert in the Sales jobs in Sofia section please :)

Hello ,

I'm interested. Could you please send me some details ?


Hi Kristiann,

sorry for late response! The message from expat site dropped to my junk mail.

We have just returned from Sofia yesterday, but planning another trip - most probably in March.

The job is about selling a variety of products, primarily in the nutrition, beauty, and home care products.

Are you located in Sofia? I would be great to meeting you personally.
May I contact you once we book new flight ticket?

Thanks. Stanka

Hi Stanka,

I am located in Sofia and we can meet next time you visit Bulgaria. You can write to me in PM.



Hi Kristiann,

after very sucessfull first visit of Sofia in Feb we are coming back in March. We will be there since Friday 14/March till Monday 17/March. If you are still interested to meet, please let me know your preferable day and hour.

Thanks. See you. Stanka