Top hiring sectors in Sofia


let's talk about job opportunities in Sofia.

What are the top hiring sectors?

And according to you, what are the most promising job sectors, which will keep creating jobs in Sofia?

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IT and phone support... not much else

I think so too.

Hi Alpheratz and Gabriela Argirova,

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Priscilla team

Hi Julien,

From what I can see all types of programmers are in demand. It is an international market with opportunities abroard competing with local jobs. But low cost of living can make the lower salaries in Sofia more attractive. Outside this sector I do no know but expect pharmaceuticals to remain strong. Agriculture may prove to be an interesting sector too in the future.

In BG the main issue is about skilled work force. Skilled, reliable, english speaking professionals are always in demand. There is definetly a shortage of middle and top level managers in any industry in BG.

Not exactly.
Skilled and (especially) RELIABLE: yes.
English was a problem 20 years ago, now its more like German, and Russian.
The greatest shortage is for engineers and skilled workers.

IT, definitely, especially for international compainies who want fluent English speakers and prefer well known certs like Cisco.

I would think web design would be a growing field as the younger generation has many of the knew cell phones and are online an increasing amount but most businesses haven't taken advantage of online business yet.

English speakers are no news, German speakers are required :D