Work in Bulgaria?

Hi there, looking at moving to Bulgaria (My girlfriend lives in Sofia) Want to know if there is any thing I can do for a job there or is it going to be pretty impossible. I am an experienced retail manager, Driver, I have a TEFAL accreditation, I am currently working for Thomas Cook Travel as a Villa representative and wedding co ordinator in the Greek Island of Kefalonia.
My Bulgarian is very limited at the moment as my girlfriend speaks great English But I am learning it slowly :)

any comments greatly appreciated.

Hello English Paul.

Welcome to!

For your job search, you have the jobs in Sofia section at your disposal where you can post an advert. It might help. :)

Good luck,

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Hi Paul,

My husband and I decided to seriously look into moving to Sofia in May this year, we will be moving over in 2-weeks.  It really has happened that quickly!  We are both TEFL accredited and there is a lot of work out there for native speaking English teachers.  If you have a degree, this is all you need to teach in Bulgarian schools.  Try the website.  They have a lot of good adverts from English teachers on there.  If you do have a degree, it may be worth dropping St George's school in Lozenets an email, I believe that they are looking for native speaking English teachers.  It is a bilingual private school, however, they teach solely in English.

I don't suppose your girlfriend would know any reputable estate agents or people looking to let out a house in the Boyan/Simeonova/Dragolevski region do you?

If you need any help with learning the language, I can recommend our Bulgarian tutor too.  His name is Boris Angelov and if you look on his website ( you will be able to get some further information.  He does lessons via Skype and is excellent! 

I hope that this has been of assistance and good luck in your search.  Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

Lydiab85 thanks for the tip with the Tutor i can sort of speak Bulgarian but would certainly like to learn properly

English Paul did you get any luck with the work

Also what are you like with construction work.

Hi Paul,

In my opinion you have all the chances to work in any of the areas you've mentioned, because there are many international companies where English language skills are required, but it could take some time/effort to find a job offering a good salary.
If you are moving to Sofia, 1500 BGN is the minimum to be able to pay your bills without counting every stotinka in your pocket.

Next to you could try also,, and

Welcome to Sofia and good luck!

Hi there,
My name is Maggie. My husband is Bulgarian, but lived in USA for 20 years. We are also planning to move and my hubbie wants us to be out of the town noise. Also looking for the areas in the mountain (Boyan,Drafgolevcski...)LydiaB85 - did u find a place there, if so- could you recommend us a reputable agent or a someone who is renting out. Have  never been in Bulgaria so far - so quite excited.
Hope all will be good! We shall be looking for a job too. I am also TEFL qualified and worked for a day care for 1 year.
I understand from your posts it wont be a problem to find a teaching job in Sofia..

Very interesting thread, appears to be lots of people considering moving to Sofia :)

My Bulgarian girlfriend and I are considering the move from London to Sofia, but she works in a market that doesn't really exist in Bulgaria yet (Sustainability consultant) and I work in IT (although got banking and project management experience as well as a trainer and retail)

Unfortunately I'm very worried that my Bulgarian is almost worthless (I know the alphabet and a hand full of odd words)and making it in an IT job there with no uni degree appears to be a difficult challenge.

I'm wondering how many of you have jobs over there BEFORE you move? or do you move and hope to find something ?

Im moving to sofia aswell for the same reason in 2 months(less) and wanted to know what can I come accross. I am Canadian, I Speak english french and some arabic. I am over 5yrs in sales and customer service although I am an accoutant to start with.

Voila, wondering if any1 has leads or would be interested in someone like myself :)


Hello germainchar, you should post an advert in the Jobs in Sofia section. It might help. :)

Thannk you,

Pls send me your CV to

Why would anyone send their CV just like that when they dont know properly where its going or what for

hey there im looking for working in Bulgaria Karlovo area but i do not speak Bulgarian yet i am in the process of learning from my Bulgarian girlfriend but i need job there. i have wanted to live there for about 5 years but never been able to do it as most jobs in England only allow you 4 weeks holiday i am open to all kinds of work i do have home in Karlovo but i do not drive so would need work around this area until i start to drive  i have done jobs in Cleaning,DJ,Roofing and Cladding,and also Window Cleaning SO PLEASE HELP!!!!

Look, it is very unlikely that you will have people writing to you offering a job, dont happen in Bulgaria nor in the UK either. So, my advise would be that if you feel strongly enough about it, you have a good relationship with your girlfriend just take the jump and move. Together with her you may well make it and find that elusive position or job you can live-on..
No risk no gain I say.
It is also an age question as unpopular that may be. If you are young enough you can do almost anything and get away with it!
Good luck!

i was mainly aiming my messages at people who know company that employs someone who dose not know Bulgarian at the moment i have looked all over the internet and my girlfriend is looking also in Plovdiv area for me well im in England hopefully when i am there in few weeks i will also be able to look around for jobs i will do labour jobs im not to fussed at the moment