Moving to Sofia / cost of living

Hello guys,

I'm in a kind of recruitment process, to work in Sofia, and I'm wondering if it really worth it. The job it's in a "multilingual contact center and BPO provider" (gaming related). Someone working on this field?

They offer: 1400 BGN per month + Rent allowance.

Is that good? Can you live well with that or it's just the minimum?

I'd like to know more. I'm currently in switzerland but I'm unemployed and searching for alternatives abroad. The starting date it's in less than a month so I need to decide quickly.

Thank you.

This amount is slightly above average but it is not any means.
As an expat you have always higher costs then the locals for a start.
Myself, I feel that the minimum to live with in Sofia is 2000 plus. That is if you still want a social life too, go out and enjoy yourself. OK, some people will say that they live with less but I would not call this living then!

As a Bulgarian I can say 1400 is OK but not enough to boast with, for sure you will have slightly more expenses as an expat (ask them if they provide a medical insurance, that's important). There are Portuguese working in IBM and I think they get muuuuuch more. C3i should also pay much more (I see their ad at with "Portuguese")

Hi there, regarding those call center offers I have seen offers for about 2000BGN.
I am not sure what you mean by "rent allowance" but I don't think you are going to spend such 800BGN.

And, yes, you can live with that amount, but as usual, it depends on your expenses level. A better level could be those already mentioned 2000BGN.

Take into consider that the average salary is way below those amounts we are mentioning here, so....


It really depends on what kind of lifestyle you have. My partner and I live without any problems off of 2,000 BGN - we have a nice apartment with pool in Varna with excellent wifi. We eat out about once a week and might go for drinks another once a week, with occasional hire a car out for a bit of exploring further afield. Granted, if you're a couple, you have the benefit of sharing certain costs so can be a lot more expensive for a single person.