English and Mandarin Job seeker

Hi there,

I am currently in Bulgaria and would love to find a job so I can settle down for a bit.
I worked in many customer service related positions, outdoor education instructor and hospitality sectors.
Not sure if Mandarin would be an useful language here but anyhow, if anyone is hiring or have leads, would be much appreciated!

Thanks and regards,


Hi Rainswashbuckler,

I will invite you to please drop an advert in the Teaching jobs in Sofia section please :)

Thank you


Saw your posting, teaching Mandarin is a good idea
Understand there are quite a number  PRC businesses in Bulgaria.

Hope to visit Bulgaria one day
ps - my nephew was in Blagoevgrad this year rep his school

Hi Rain,
are you a native speaker, what other skills do you have,
please send me your resume i will try to get something,
do you have local contact number or skype?
thank you

Hi Ale, thank you. Are you an agency?

Hi Rain,
No im not an agent, im manager in one company in sofia, if u have local cell feel free to share I can txt u or call you.
:-) ale

Hi Alex,
Thank you for your email.
I am currently in the Philippines and heading towards Hong Kong and China for work this weekend but I can skype you if you like or whatsapp:) I will be available after May 20th if you have vacancy. I was in Sofia last fall and am intending to head back there this summer.
Could you tell me more about the job?

Best regards,


ok, what is your whats up number pls i will add you,

** thank you!

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ok, what is your whats up number pls i will add you,

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