Job Opportunities for Sofia

Dear friends  :)

Welcome to our lovely Bulgaria! I really hope you like it here  :top:

Great food, a lot of nice places to visit and warm people, why not enjoy it? Besides of that, I guess some of you are wondering whether there are nice opportunities for work here. Yes, there are such!

If you wanna know more about the job possibilities in Bulgaria, I would be more than happy to give you more information, as I currently work in a recruitment agency. Do not hesitate to text me, and I would try helping you with that (or anything else you may need). Bulgarians really appreciate people who have chosen our small beautiful country to live in, so I would be glad if you are feeling happy here!!  :cheers:

Hello Magdellena

I certainly, agree with you, that Bulgaria is a lovely country.  I have visited many times, due to the fact that my wife is Bulgarian and we have an amazing little daughter

As a brief conversational introduction, I would like to say, that I am very seriously looking for work in Bulgaria, even though I am currently based in England.  My employment, has been heavily Customer Service and Sales related for many years but I was hoping that these skills may be able to transfer into tourism or property selling customer relations based employment, within your country.  In addition, I am also very interested to explore, what avenues are available in the I.T (I know that there has been and still is, a renowned software industry base in Bulgaria) and English Language Education employment sectors

Unfortunately, I am not able to speak fluent Bulgarian at the moment but I know essential phrases and I am willing/ wanting to learn fast, so that I can integrate with the community, as soon as I am able to make the move out there

If you could please, supply me with further details and information about the agency you work for and what type of employment they are able to offer UK Nationals, I would be extremely grateful.  I can supply you with relevant personal CV and reference details by e-mail, if you are able to assist me with potential employment opportunities

I look forward, to hearing from you



Hello Magdellana

As an additional note, to my previous post

If you are unable to help me, with the possibility of employment applications through the recruitment agency you work for, I would be grateful if you could offer me some advise, as to where I can concentrate my employment search and if you could recommend any online/ web based resources, where employment positions in Bulgaria are offered

I am willing to work in Sofia but I am also able to work in or around the Plovdiv area, as my family are located in a nearby town.  I currently have a car, which I would hope to use in Bulgaria, so travel to work is not an issue



Hi Magdallena,

Welcome to expat-blog!

How do you plan to help members of the Sofia forum ? Is it by giving advices or by proposing jobs?


Hi Bhavna,

My idea is to help people find jobs (by proposing jobs to those who are interested), so they can feel happy in our country :) I am always ready to give advices on any topic and will be more than happy to do that. Even if I can't find a good job for someone, it is always useful to inform people outside Bulgaria about the job opportunities here, the salaries etc.  Think I can be helpful :)

Best regards and have a great weekend,

Hello there Magdallena,

It is a good thing if you want to give advices about jobs/salary. If you have relevant infos on the subjects you are welcomed to share those with members of the Sofia forum.

However, if in the near future you intend to propose jobs, please note that you need to do so in the appropriate section of the website : Jobs in Sofia.

Furthermore, if you want to target specific members for jobs, you will have to register as a professional in the Recruitment Agencies in Sofia section of the website.

Just a few guidelines here so that we do not stray.

Cheers, :)

Hi Bhavna,

Thank you for the useful information. I will have that in mind.

Have a great week,

Hi Magdallena
I am looking at moving to Sofia in September or October with my wife and daughter. I will be looking for an English language teaching job preferably business English or university English, though I am happy to consider other work opportunities.
I am highly experienced in the global ESL industry including having held posts as Director of Studies in university and three English language institutes.
My wife is fluent in Chinese and English and will be looking for part time work in an international hotel.
If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to mail me, Richard via

Hi Magdallena, i am looking to buy a property in bulgaria, i am also looking for work, in the constuction trade, i am a trained plumber, and have also been involved in diy and painting, i also like doing garden work and any building maintenace, many thanks,   doug ..

hello Magdallena
I am a junior doctor in India and i want to work and do my specialization from Bulgaria.could u arrange a job for me.
name- Dr.Usha
qualification-MBBS degree with six months experience in a govt. hospital as junior doctor.
please give full details regarding process to work as a doctor there,bye.  should give you some insights


Hi, My Name is Rao Farhan and i have done my masters in Commerce. Currently working in Dubai, UAE and have more than four years of experience in Accounts, Finance, Admin and Sales Coordination jobs.

I want to shift permanently in Bulgaria to live and work their as its very peaceful country, peoples are very loving and always have a smile on their faces.

Can you help me madam, how i can get a job their or work permit ?

Thanks and Regards,

Rao Farhan

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I am looking for workers in veliko tarnovo area. if you have any one interest to do some work for me, please send me more information. waiting for reply

@ fixFlex > This thread is quite old. Can you please post this job offer in the designated section : Jobs in Sofia ?


Priscilla team

Hi, how can i get job in Bulgaria

Kindly advise me

Hi I'm a retired salesman living in Bulgaria and am interested in hearing about any jog opportunities in Bulgaria. :)

do you currently have any job oppurtunities?

Hello ,
            I am Varinder Singh from India , I am working as Chef , I have passed Diploma in Food Production ( Professional Cookery) , and 3 Years working Experience as Cook , I am now working in Muscat (OMAN) on Employment Pass for 2 Years.
          I want to immigrate to Bulgaria , is it possible to get job in Bulgaria , or if you can Kindly help me to get the Job as Cook in Bulgaria.
Varinder Singh

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Hello Magdallena,
I am new to the job market in Bulgaria - can you please help me find my way around?
Here is my linkedin profile:

Hope you come up with suggestions on where to start a job search from.
Thank you Magdallena!

Ognyan Uzunov

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Hi Magdellana

could you please tell me what the situation is for Electricians to work in Bulgaria, are there any vacancies, how often do they come up, and do you need to take any further examinations to work in Bulgaria or are English papers enough?

Thank you for any help that you can give me

Hi friends i would like to work in sofia Bulgaria can u help me plz
Awaiting for your reply

I think it is better to close this thread....  The topic starter is not active anymore....

Dear sir/ madam
I would like to inform you that I want to work in Bulgaria /sofia ,so I need advice to get there  and what's the procudure and how can I get work permit . I am very thankful if you help me or show me the way to work there

Awaiting your soonest reply


Hello Magdallena,
I'm very impressed by your post Titled "Job Opportunities " actually I was wondering how to go about that in Sofia. I'm moving to Sofia very soon It will be my pleasure to meet someone like you to show me around


I don't think Magdallena is active since the post is quite old. But you can go for a jobsearch yourself by checking job related websites, or alternatively you can submit a CV to a recruitment agency and ask them to find the right position for you.

Thank you for tips i appreciate you  => c est le site qui fait office


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Hi, i just joined the forum and seeking a job here in Bulgaria, mainly Veliko Tarnovo, or Varna, where i have accommodations there, have i arrived too late to get a response for my query?

Not exactly ... I believe you can stil get an answer form people living in those areas, just specify what kind of job you're looking for. This will help.

Hi Kristiann, thanks for your encouraging response, mainly looking at the call centre field as i'm mainly English speaking, can hardly see me getting close to the boats here, which is my field expertise, because  of the language barrier. Now broadening my search to Sofia, wish me luck, :)

There's numerous jobs available for English speakers in call centers in Sofia if you search

Sofia really is the place in Bulgaria for that type of work given all the out-sourcing there.

Hi fixFlex, i appreciate the fact your post is from last year, but i just joined the community and in Tarnovo looking for employment, if you should know of anything in future, thanks.

Thanks again, you have filled me with the positive optimism i needed gonadsoflore, would be an honor share a coffee or whatever your choice of poison, we celebrate my new job. :) God is great!

Would be great. Or perhaps a little rakia. Or a lot. When I'm in Sofia I'm on I try to act like I'm on vacation lol.

Will be there in Dec for the holidays. Not moving there for a few years however.

The job market is something I pay a lot of attention to with our intended move to Sofia in a few years. Another option from what I've been told is to hit up the business park in Sofia. For whatever the reason it seems you might have more luck in person than applying online. I intend to do similar when there in Dec/Jan just to gauge some options, get some feedback. But even with call centers you'll likely have more success in person or since you're already in Bulgaria, call a few places, make some appointments for interviews and then make a trip to Sofia. That might be what I'd do given you're on the coast. Look at the job/bg website, get company info, call human resources and get in touch with someone in charge of hiring, stack a few interviews and go to Sofia for a few days. Sofia does pay the most for native English speakers. And if you decide to move there let me know if you need a recommendation for someone to help finding a more affordable place. Apparently by mother in law(my wife is from Sofia) has a good friend who's a real estate agent. We'll use her, I think anyway, when we ultimately move there and I'm sure she'd be happy to show you some options. Or some of my wife's friends/cousins could at least point you in the right direction of where to look. One recently found a nice apartment for I think about 400 leva a month near NDK. Good location.

Were given a contact to a call firm here in VT yesterday, called them, they said they're looking for Dutch/German/English linguists at the moment, i'm not daunted though, as i said before, broadening my scope now to definitely include Sofia, & guess what... My world? It just grew a lot smaller, thanks for all the great advice, See you soon!

Hi Curtis,

Since boats are your expertise field, then better try to make use of it. Language barrier will be some obstacle in this case, but communication there is more or less internationalized and mainly in English. In addition, you can alway find a related field either as a capitain or as a consultant/manager etc. .... And the language will take you probably 5-6 months to learn.

"Hi Kristiann, thanks for your encouraging response, mainly looking at the call centre field as i'm mainly English speaking, can hardly see me getting close to the boats here, which is my field expertise, because  of the language barrier. Now broadening my search to Sofia, wish me luck, "

Curtis, buy a cheap boat and sail it up and down the Danube you can be the all singing all dancing captain, I can serve food from the galley, and serve rum!! 
You might lose some sparkle trapped in a call center bro' .
Either way you are getting some replies and like you say positive energy, now just need some positive ££$$€€ to add to it Captain.

Last time i checked, boats ain't that cheap! A partner'ship'?
mayyyyybe, did the party boat thing few years back piloting a single engine jolly roger pirate ship for the now infamous Fifa boss Jack Warner, singing & dancing skipper?
AYE AYE SIR! lol, that were me. OH...& btw, just sent my CV to a cruise ship music director, maybe i can go back do summat, been on carnival cruises before doing lead with a Caribbean band so , what have i got to loose? They feed us nicely on dem big boats! lol, Really appreciate your all inputs, feels like i'm not alone, let y'all know how things pans out, till then, ''ARRRRGGG!!''