Are You Looking For A Hairdresser In Sofia?

Hello Everyone...
Finally I have found work in a beautiful salon in the centre of Sofia it's called SVM-Studio. I will start at the beginning of February and as I don't know much Bulgarian I'm hoping to get a some of you lovely lot to come and pay a visit. My name is chantelle and I have been hairdressing for over 6 years I'm from England and have worked on cruise ships for the passed year so I am very experienced and just trying to build a clientele here in Bulgaria so if you would like to come see me please contact me on here and I will give you more details!!  :)

Good luck in your new venture, seem's you have had quite a cool life up to now working on cruise ships, I prefer tarmac to water, even though I am an Aquirius on one holiday many moons ago I was on a mini cruise sailing around the agean..........
to cut a long story short one of my trainers fell in and I cant swim it was later rescued!!!  :o
But back to you good luck, Steve.

Count me in Chantelle, have been looking for an English hairdresser! pm me the details.

Jan :)

Hello chantelle

I invite you to register your services in our free business directory so that members can easily stumble on your contact infos when searching for a hairdresser : Hairdressers in Sofia

Kenjee Team


Good luck, building your client base

I need a haircut (trim/ clipper down) but I'm a few 1000km away, trying to work my way out to BG/ Plovdiv asap ;)



Ahhh bless you
Thankyou Steve!!

Thanks Tim and good luck with you move!! :)

Could you PM me your details, been looking for an English Hairdresser in Sofia for quite a while now :)

Ha-ha yeah right or even a South African one!  :whistle:

hehe, doesn't hurt to be hopeful :)

I agree completely has nothing to do with how that actual hairdresser looks hell it doesnt even matter on the finished haircut!
All in good fun as you can see I am just joking.
Cheers Steve.

Would be nice to just simply explain what you want done with no misunderstandings :) My Bulgarian  is not as good as I would like it to be. Hey and even a chat during the cut would be great too ...

Hey in my local village you can go and get a 1970's haircut from the modern stylist ha-ha, I had a haircut on holiday years ago in Teneriffe, I was around 20 and obviously damm cool well untill I walked out of that hairdressers that was with a bloody comb over, I have previously wished Chantelle well in her venture I reckon she will be pretty cool, now a days a comb over with a big silly beard is in fashion, or even a top knot, maybe there's your next style mate.
Keep happy & healthy, (I worked with a Dutch/S.A for a few years that man would work you like a dog, proper long slog, could'nt knock the bloke though as he did the whole graft and more, a top bloke, although a little angry at times rather no fuse than short fuse, still keep in touch with him)

shame about that am between sunny beach and varna in a place called pchelnik what we could do with is a mobile hairdresser

Hi Chantelle,

Welcome to Bulgaria. I hope you will have a very positive experience here. I see two locations in Sofia for SVM-Studio. Please PM me with the details--and specify which location you will be working in.
Best regards,

Hi VillageGirl,

It says you PM is disembled so I cant message you but The address is..
Bulevard Vasil Levski 10
Sofia Bulgaria
Contact numbers..
088 88 25 240 , 088 611 42 19

I would give you my personal number aswel but can't right it on here they will answer the phone in bulgarian but if you ask for me they should hand the phone over!! :)

Looks forward to seeing you :) xx

Hi Chantelle,

I know where the salon is. Thanks!


Hi Chantelle,

Just to thank you for doing a great job of my hair today. I'm really pleased with the results, I'll definitely be back again and will reccommend you to all my friends.


Awww your more than welcome Jan and it was great to meet you what is the group you were talking about is it I looked at that one before I think i couldn't find you though...


I think it's the "blue rinse ladies??"
Happy Valentine  :kiss:

Hi Steve - you are a bit off topic here  :whistle:

Hi Chantelle,

It's Sofia Meetup of UK Ex-Pats. (excuse the spelling mistake in my last post!).

Hope you're not working too hard :-)


Where exactly is your salon? I am looking for English speaking hairdresser so please let me know. It will be great if you share the google location since I am new here.


Hi Chantelle,
I would like to ask you if you are still working for the sallon or if you are somewhere else or where I can get hold of you as I am in need of a nice english speaking hairdresser :)
I'm also an expat who moved here with my boyfriend and I would love meeting you.
My name is Effie, I'm half English and let me know what I need to get in contact with you :)