Job Opportunities for Sofia

oooh don't listen to these, always looking for new slaves in the call centres ...

Hi all.  I am a professional from South Africa looking for office job in any major city in Bulgaria. I do not speak Bulgarian, but busy learning. Cheers. Mariza Pieters

Hi Mariza,
Since SA is not an EU country, you will need an employer's invitation (probably the so-called blue card).
You can send your CV to various recruiting agencies, such as:
manpower (dot) bg
modis-ito (dot) com
teletech (dot) bg
and others,
I will send you a link of a job search engine, with selected ads from talent recruiting agencies only, in a priv. message, with your permission.
I have friends from SA, so I feel connected to this country, without (still) having been there :)

Hi.  Thanks for your support.  It is much appreciated.  We have send 1 or 2 in past month but they said we have to be in country to get.  Frustrating.  We will try again with your search engines as like you say we need to be invited. We need a work permit to get a D visa. I am an attorney with a business degree and my husband a Master Electrician.  Once again thank you.  Cheers

No problem.
They are lazy. But I'll tell you a secret: they can't find enough employees so they will be forced to do the bureaucracy and search outside of EU. With the end of the crisis in Western Europe, more and more people leave for better paid jobs there, so Bulgarian employers are forced to look for alternatives.
Also depends on the sector. This year the govt has liberalized the procedures, and is about to liberalize them again. And the presence of nationalists in the government means they are trying to avoid the "engineers" and "doctors" from the Middle East :)

Hi.  Thanks for the encouragement.  Will keep on looking.  Even if have to work in call center. Cheers

Thinking again, Uk is leaving EU in 2 yrs and they WILL need more workforce, so might be a much better choice? I don't know what are your motives though, and I'm not asking to know :)

Hi there. Sound so serious.  Just fed up of not feeling safe and sooo looking forward to tranquility I cannot wait.  I feel once I have been there and know the country better,  I might return to legal.  Teaching English or call center sound so relaxing from my hectic Joburg life.  Cheers

I've heard this 1000000 times from S Africans so far :(
There are a few native English teachers but not enough, and there's a shortage of English teachers in general, even in private schools. However, the pays are ridiculous, to say it mildly.
Good luck


I found your country very beautiful and your people very warm and hospitable :)
Actually, I found a bulgarian boyfriend, and left my heart in Sofia.
Now I am searching for job opportunity, so I can stay in Sofia to live with him.
You can contact me if you are inerested, and I will send you CV that details my previous experience via email, if it is okay for you!
Thank you for your time :)

Kind regards,

Hello all,

I'm planning on moving to Bulgaria with my girlfriend (she is Bulgarian, I am American). I am TEFL certified, and university level educated. My Bulgarian is still very poor, so I am looking ideally for an English teacher position or work in a call center. Any help would be most appreciated.

Quick note: my job search is limited to Sofia, because that's where my girlfriend will live :)



Get in touch with Kristiann. He answered your previous post.
He runs a language school in Sofia. He's a great guy. Very honest and helpful.
Even if you don't end up working for him, I'm sure he will be helpful.

Thank you very much David! Will do!

You keep advertising me David! Probably I should open an expat welcome agency instead of a language school ....

By the way, your lawyer still hasn't collected the money that you left with me.

No not really advertising. It's a review or description of positive experience.
I'll probably be down your way sometime soon and will take care of the delivery myself. Thanks for holding on to it.

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