Builders Merchants and Timber yards in VT

Happy Easter everyone 

Has anyone got the address of builders yards for bulk purchases of building materials (cement, plasterboards, aggregate, etc) and a timber yard with wood suitable for roofing tresses.  Our nearest large town is Pavlikeni about 30km north west (ish my geography is appalling) from VT.  We have a van for pick up.  We have a small builders merchants in Levski our nearest town but it doesn't always have the volume of supplies we need. Any info gratefully received

Cheers Corinne

Hi ,,,Big timber yard in "Samovodin",,enter village,on main rd to VT,its sign posted on left,,,,,,,,,Couple of Big Builders Yards in Polski Trambesh,,,,,local people will direct you,,,,,,eddie

Were do you live????,,,,near VT? or out north towards Ruse

Hi EddieG

I've had some input from the FB page Pavlikeni Post and apparently there are plenty of yards in Levski, which we're right next door to and not far from Pavlikeni.  However we'll also check out your lead because we've got some serious requirements.  Polski Trambesh is close ish too.  I'll need to visit a few to get average prices for a list of items.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a fairer price all round.

Hi Corrine, planning to move very near Levski, having recently bought a property there, could you please tell me the name of the yard you refer to please? Or whether there are any others in the area ? Thanks, Iain

Hi Ian

the way things are going you will be out there before us!  Hopefully we'll be out before the month is out and we will network any info to you as and when we get it!

Private message us let us know what village you are in and vice versa

Thanks Corter, unfortunately we won't be there that soon, though in spirit we were there months ago, thanks for reply and look forward to getting info from you soon, good luck with your move to BG, and hopefully we won't be too far behind you. Iain

Hi Ian

we will keep you in the loop and once there will pass on anything we feel will be of use to you

Corinne + Terry