Becoming an electrician in Bulgaria

My partner and I are considering a move to Bulgaria in the next couple of years, my partner is a uk qualified electrician and would need to work.  Does anyone have any advice about how we go about finding employment for him preferably with the ex pat community he has very good handyman skills too. He is also trained in using a cherrypicker and can carry out domestic and commercial electrical work and installations.

Hi Debbie we have recently bought property in Bulgaria and love it, its a great place to be. We are going to start electrical work this year, researching electrical engineers, I don't think your partner will be short of work, once he starts working for the English and word gets around. If you are both interested in a working holiday with spending money, we could accommodate and feed you and show you around. Just a thought. Shinina


Thank you that sounds amazing.  We are thinking of coming over later this year, we have a Bulgarian friend who comes from Lovech who has said that he will show us around too, but could be interested in your offer which will give us a chance to get to know the place from the view of other Brits, would you be happy for us to contact you nearer the time?

Kind Regards

Hi Debbie Lovely to hear from you, what a coincidence, Lovech is our nearest town, 20 min away, we are in Devetaki. I will leave you contact details or if your up to it, we could have a chat before I leave on the 7th April.  e.mail: [email protected]  Tel: 01732.522247  Kind regards Shinina