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Hi All

Don't see any thread on PEP till now. I have submitted my application yesterday for PEP via Singpost manually.

Does anyone have any experience in terms of timelines etc it might have taken in their case for PEP? My understanding is it might take anywhere b/w 5week to 10week although MoM website take that general processing time is 8week

Wish me good luck :)


PEP will take similar timeline like EP, only difference is you are the sponsor of yourself. The salary or fixed income verification will take in addition to other documents which are required for work pass. Good luck

thanks Surya

I submitted by application via Singpost last week Wed. Till now haven't got the acknowledgement number generated when i check online. Do they generally take time to generate it?

You can call their customer care number and find out.   It should have updated immediately if applied online. Offline takes longer than usual time. Good luck

PEP is not a very common visa type and there are few members of this forum with PEP.
Therefore, it would be very helpful for future readers in your situation if you come back and post your experience and timeline here.

sure Beppi

Status till now :
1. Applied last week manually via Singpost on Wed 6th Nov
2. Application status set to pending stage yesterday and should take anywhere b/w 3 week to 8 weeks.

Will update once i hear from MoM further :)

Hey there,

I applied for PEP mid-June 2019 and I got in mid-August 2019.

There was no interaction with MOM during the process and I received an email with relevant documents once the process was completed.

From my experience, it is a straight-forward process for someone that fulfils the criteria and submits a clear and well-documented application.

Assessment of the application might also relate to the qualifications and experience of the individual and the current needs of the Singaporean market.

Please feel free to contact me if you require further information about PEP.

Mine took just under 3 weeks - was granted in September. Dont know if was made quicker as I had been on an EP for 3 years prior to that. The helpline are pretty good at discussing things although they dont give any clear view on timings and status of application (apart from confirming its been lodged).

Also if relevant you also need to apply for DP for dependants at the same time and they can then be processed in parallel.

Good luck!

thanks all

4 week completed and no update yet and no interaction yet with MOM. Lets hope i get in remaining 4 weeks :)


PEP got approved today. Took 5 weeks exact for me. No interaction with MoM . Got the emails with necessary documents like IPA and next steps to get the PEP issues

I also applied for DP for my family members. Haven't got that approved yet. Do anyone know if this gets approved after PEP is issued to me in next 1-2 week?

DP processing is usually much faster thanwork passes, but of course it can only start when the underlying work pass is approved.

Can we apply for PEP without having EP?

thanks beppi, make sense.. lets hope this gets approved in next few weeks :)

yes Ricky you can but then your salary has to be $18K / month instead of $12K per month for existing EP holder.

Please refer to MOM website for further details or feel free to contact me. Always happy to help .

I think one takeaway i have is while filling my application ( which seems quite simple ) , for any small doubt you have - however silly it might be , just call MOM and clarify those. The customercare is very helpful in giving you guidance on any query of the application. What they cant do is obviously tell you whats going on in approval etc.

i think i had clarified my small doubts with them carefully before submitting my application and gave additional documents/letters which they suggested ( eg: i didnt had latest tax return so had also submitted a letter with the reason why i dont have as suggested by customercare team). I think these things help to avoid delay as they know what the caseoffice will look for incase of such issues :)

hope above suggestion help you.

ricky.s8729 wrote:

Can we apply for PEP without having EP?

A very quick Google search yielded this: … yment-pass
(You could have done the search yourself!)

I had an EP but returned to Australia due to an issue with family at home and never returned due to travel restrictions, now SG are advertising a relaxing of the restrictions to certain countries (excluding Victoria), New Zealand, Brunei and the rest of Australia so I applied for a PEP, I am usually in the higher earning bracket so I am hopeful of a successful visa outcome but who knows the times have been strange to say the least.
The PEP was all on line and other than trying to get the documents requested to scan at less than 3MB into one .pdf the process was fairly straight forward.

Couple of my friends received PEP in last few months. But they all were in Sg. One of them received his PEP after 3 months of application. Unlike EP there is not much discussed on PEP in this forum so it's hard to establish a pattern of PEP approvals. Good luck for your application.

Thank you SacShe
I will update when I hear more. I received a receipt and advised it will take approx eight weeks and that was two weeks back.
The small 3MB scan file was my only real obstacle in the application process

Hi Shiney15, Did you receive any update on your PEP? I applied early in early September and waiting for a response. No communication so far except being told by MOM (when I called them) that it will take 8 weeks.

I'm currently on EP for the last 2 years. Cheers!

Hello SacShe

I was rejected on Nov 8 for a fixed salary band.

I asked if I could appeal then I travelled to SG and have raised an appeal 1/12

I have called twice they just said will look at it in January

I have a job offer but without a Pass? What to do but wait.

What happened for you?

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