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Before posting this, I have searched this forum for a similar case but found only one that's close but not similar.

I am already working in Singapore on EP and my husband is in Malaysia. His company has given him transfer to Singapore and liaised a third party to apply EP (it's one of the top company and liaising with third party is legal and common, they apply on behalf of the employer only). After 2 weeks, his EP is rejected and there is no reason given yet ( \they have asked for it). But the third party says that the reason might be due to his MBA certificate is written in ink and not printed so they might not have found it genuine and/or his education certificates (all of them) have a space in his name but his passport doesn't have the space.

Is there a possibility of these reasons to be on rejection list? If so, can we remove the MBA degree and apply only with Bachelor degree (this is what the third party is suggesting)? Is this a possibility and should we do it?

Yes, any mismatch or incorrect information would lead to rejection. His employer can reach MoM to provide a letter of confirmation that the person is indeed the same if there is an issue of space in between.

Once submitted the certificate information at MoM, you simply can’t remove. In this case, that’s his highest degree certificate. So, avoid doing any such things which will make MoM Officer further suspicious. Good luck

Thankyou Surya, it helps!

Affidavit from a layer should help for name differences. Some companies that I know have used this strategy to get VISA people with such quotation. Hope this helps.


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