Need information on EP

Hi All,

I would like to ask  about my EP. I am selected in one of the Reputed company in Singapore. And the EP was filed on 13/09/2019. As there was no result from MOM. my company appealed for early issue. However, I see that the status is Rejected. When I asked my HR. They said that since they have appealed, it has gone to reject state and then it will be approved. Has anyone faced this similar issue?
And will the status go into rejected if they appeal for early issue? Please help!


HR telling incorrect information. There is no such things called appeal when your original application status is at pending stage.

At this stage, employer only can request MoM to provide the update.

On rejection, employer has to understand the reason for rejection through the rejection message received from MoM before they could appeal. Appealing without addressing the original issue, result won’t change. Good luck

Thanks for the response @surya2k.
Even I thought the same as I had read many topics here on rejection, And then checked with the HR on the same asking whether it's a rejection if yes, what is the reason and what they have appealed to it. He just repeated the same thing that it was getting delayed so they appealed to process it soon. So not sure what it is.. Really confused here ;(

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