Bringing a car from London to Mauritius

     Just seen your post and I’m hoping you still use this!
I’m looking to move to Mauritius too from London... also similar situation I’ve lived in London all my life but hold dual nationality (British/Mauritian).

I would like to bring my car over but unsure if I can as a returning resident?? Apparently if you can’t bring a car that’s more then 5 years old... UNLESS you are a returning resident.
However technically I’m not a returning resident because I’ve lived in London my whole life...

Any advice on this would be really appreciated... looking to move in November lasted first week of December..


I have just sent you a private message!!

Hi Dinah87,

You may import your car as a returning resident and will require some documents.
Please feel free to contact self and will be glad to assist you.

Best Regards

Thanks for the reply!

I’m just in two minds wether to bring my veh or just sell it here and then buy a car there??
I’m not sure of the whole customs side of it and wether it would cost me more bringing my car....


actually you are a returning resident
I left mauritius when i was 16

came back 4 years ago brought a car with me no problem

can recommend a very good freight person here in mauritius to clear stuff for you


how much did you pay to custom clear your car?

u r a returning resident if u were born in mauritius i left aged 18 returned aged 68 all sorted no problem

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