Paperwork needed to buy a car


Do you know what type of documentation I need to request from the seller to purchase a car?

Hi Nicolas,

1. Transfer ownership of a vehicle purchased from someone else

The previous owner should provide you with the registration book, 2 originals of the deed of sale and a “Certificat de Gage sans Deplacement” obtained from the NTA.

The deed of sale should be registered at the Registrar General’s Department within 15 days of the date on deed of sale.

You should call at the NTA with:-

    The original registration book of the vehicle;
    Insurance certificate in the name of new owner (same as it appears in the duly registered deed of sale);
    The original deed of sale duly registered + 1 photocopy of the same document;
    Payment receipt from the Registrar.

The vehicle will be transferred to your name after you have paid a fee as follows:-

Autocycle - Rs 100

Motorcycle - Rs 200

Other vehicles - Rs 300

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thank you very much for this complete answer Christine .. much appreciated

Dear Nicolas

Your ID

Ensure when you buy the car you get the following documents which have to be on your name

Insurance Certificate
Fitness Certificate if more than 7 years old car
RTLA Certificate also called as Carte Rose or Horse Power Certificate . this is issued by the Road Traffic Licencing Authority .  RTLA
A letter in 2 identical copies confirming sale and purchase of car can get a format from RTLA
.....Name ..Address ..Phone Num ...ID Card or Passport No. have copies of same ....

Hope this will be of some help
Sanjay Motah

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