Car Registration in Mauritius

Could someone please give me a template of "gage sans deplacement", i urgently need same to provide to the NTA upon buying of a second hand car since the owner is unable to come.


The owner needs to write a letter to the NTA stating that he has sold the vehicle to you a copy of his ID must accompany his letter

where can i get an authorisation letter format / template letter for "certificat de gage sans déplacement"?

can i get a link or a template sent to me.

thank you

@letmeknowpls1234     Google is your friend.

take a look at these (not sure which is relevant to Mauritius):

1 … placement-

2 … f1aa4b880c

3  … -gage.html

Hi All

so this has come somewhat as a shock... but somebody told me today that you have to have residential status before you can buy and register a car in mauritius? is this true? if you are on a premium visa you cannot buy and register a car? surely this cannot be true!?
Can anyone shed any light?

I recall when I bought the car the agent did ask for my OP. I suggest you check with car agent. For me premium visa sounds similar to work permit.

necessary documents - ID, passport, your resident permit, driving license (if required), banking details for payment, etc -  and can complete all the required formalities necessary for the transaction.

This is the info I received from a dealership.
So we coming on non citizen retiree visa and residency visa, and according to him that's fine. Our visa is 10 years

yep but i'm coming on a premium visa - so surely they cannot expect one to rent a car for a year!!?? can anyone clarify on this point?

Also need clarity if anyone can help

Also need clarity if anyone can help


I reached out to a agent who deals with all permits.  He confirmed there are no restrictions to owning and buying a vehicle on the island on a Premium visa.  Let me know if you come right..  Thanks  Natasha

Thanks  Natasha. I've checked in with the EDB as well so will post if i here anything to the contrary (phew!)

I plan to migrate between SA and MUR when on pension, does this mean I cannot purchase a vehicle
(car or scooter) for transport while there on a tourist visa?

@Andrew it seems from the answers received today (above) that the very least you would require to buy a car is the Premium Visa
(which is free of charge, applied for online and emailed to you within 48hrs if you qualify, and valid for a year - renewable)

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