Resignation with Payment

My name is adan, and im currently working in oman... its been 1 year already and my employer did not give employment contracts and other benefits such as medical insurance.. but this things i can accept this but what i cannot accept is my employer representative assaulted me and threatened me that he will kill me..  i already complain in police station but they just ask me and they told me to wait my boss because he can decide and he can settle the issue. Since my boss is not here in ibri i waited him 4 days and finally we talk today and i thought everything will be settle.. but what happened its like he tolerate the guy who assaulted me.. thats why i decided to resign because we cannot work together with that guy.. and now my boss want me to pay him 700 rial .. and he will cut my salary for the day i did not come to work because i take absences because the issue still not yet settled

Hi Kingswagger,

Go to your country's embassy in Muscat and complain to the officials there. They will mediate with your employer and with the police on your behalf - officially.

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