Getting EP for the same pay as my previous EP

Hi there! I am currently in the midst of accepting my 2nd job offer in SG. What I’m worried about is that I am getting the same pay as my first EP salary. That’s because I am actually doing something different than my previous job, so I have less experience in the field (I work as an ops exec in a startup and my new role will be as an analyst in a consulting firm. Do you think MOM will question why I didn’t have a pay raise? Thank you so much for your help!

They always evaluate the whole picture, which includes your job role, industry, local labour market and pay levels as well as your educational background, work experience and prior pay. With the very limited information you gave, it is impossible to say how they will decide.

Hi beepi, thank you for your reply, I really appreciate your help! Let me give you more context for my situation.

I am currently earning $3,800 in my current company and my new company will be applying EP for $3,600 (which was the amount that I first received in my current company). I work as an ops exec in my current company(startup) whereas the new company is a well established firm in the finance industry and my new role will be as an analyst in the consulting department.

This is actually my 2nd job, I studied in SG for my secondary and JC. I continued my bachelor's degree in the US for accountancy before coming back to SG for work in 2017. Hopefully you can give me some insight to my situation!

S$3600/month is the minimum required to get an EP as a fresh graduate. The threshold goes up with work experience (and additional education), as per the market norms in the industry. Thus I don‘t expect you can still get an EP at the minimum - better check the SAT tool (on MoM‘s website) what you need to earn to be eligible.

how is your application now?

Hi beppi, I have checked SAT tool and it says that I am eligible. Hopefully everything will go smoothly!

Hi wwtaufik, they are about to apply my pass tomorrow. I will definitely keep you updated about the process. Are you going through the same thing now?

mine was rejected because the salary was higher than the range they posted in Job bank, this is the 3rd week for appealing still waiting.

but last time I also change job with same salary 3600,rejected but HR didnt tell me reason, but appealed successfully.

I hope all goes well for your appeal :) I am still waiting for my EP currently, it was submitted on 31st May

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