Can company file complaint to MoM to get me blacklisted?

Hi everyone,

I have signed offer letter with A company and they have started EP application for me. Two weeks later, the application was approved and I have received a IPA letter. (I have yet to perform body checkup and EP card is not issued yet). I have not started working with them yet too.

But then few days later, I received another offer from B company and this is actually my preferred choice considering the company background, job opportunity and remuneration. Then, I called A company and spoke nicely to try to reject the offer and trying to get them withdrawing the EP application. But the A company was actually angry and they claimed that they will file complaint to MoM.

So, I would like to ask that will the success rate of second EP application submitted by B company be affected?

Will I get blacklisted by MoM based on complaint from A company?

Can A company actually file official complaint to MoM to try to get me blacklisted?

Does A company has to withdraw the EP application first before B company can start another?

What if the A company does not want to withdraw and what can the B company and me do?

Appreciate if everyone has ever encountered this or has answer to my question?

Did you read our old threads? All these questions are discussed and answered multiple times.

Yes, they can complain about you at MoM.

Yes, it will affect your EP approval process. MoM doesn’t like job hoppers. MoM won’t blacklist you but the complain will be in their record which will affect in future cases.

IPA is already issued means at MoM record you are going to work for company A.

Does Company B knows that you are ditching company A before even you join and your IPA is already approved? Did you tell them? What’s the guarantee that you will stick company B, if company C will give better offer with remuneration?

If company A won’t withdraw, then you may approach MoM to withdraw your pass but again MoM will know the real cause (complaint company A must put their case in front of MoM).

Only way is negotiate with Company A and convincing them not to file a complain at MoM which may have severe implications for your future pass approvals.

I would suggest, in future don’t get into this kind of situation in Singapore where you will be at receiving end. Good luck

You have sihned (or agreed on) an employment contract with comapny A, which you do not want to fulfill now. In order to do that, you'll have to follow the rules (and notice period) for termination, which are stated in the contract.
If you do that, the company cannot complain to MoM and the only negative impact will be the job-hopper issue, which Surya already mentioned above.
If you followed proper procedure and the company still refuses to withdraw the EP application, you should contact MoM and complain about them. Company B cannot apply for your EP before the first EP is either withdrawn or issued.

Thank you for your reply. The situation now is that company A no longer wants to employ me anymore and thus they are not going to proceed with the medical checkup and EP card issuance, but they are still holding on to my partial EP application. This means I don't even have a chance to start work with company A and properly serve the notice period as stated in the LOA. I have talked to them repeatedly and trying to get them withdraw the application. They told me they have lodged a complaint at MoM and they won't be doing anything else unless until MoM reply.

I understand that they have the right to complaint about me but then my question is do they have the right to keep holding onto my application and refusing to withdraw it? I have already notified them that I would not be able to join them before my work commencement date. And they told me also that they don't want to take me anymore as well.

So you are saying the company already informed MoM that you will no longer work for them. Then they have done their part and the ball is in MoM‘s court. You probably have to wait for the result of MoM‘s investigation into the complaint.

Hi Beppi,

The company told me that they have already filed complaint to MoM and they are not going to do anything else unless until MoM reply. So now they are refusing to withdraw the application.

I do understand that termination before start date does mean I still have to serve those wrriten notice periods. The problem is I don't even have the chance to serve notice period as stated in LOA because the company has chosen not to take me anymore and won't proceed with the EP application in which I won't be able to get the EP pass in order for me to start serving notice period. Do they have the right to do so? Because right now I am not given any chance to follow proper procedure in LOA.

I have already filed a case and sent in relevant proof of communication to MoM as well. The cases is still on-going.

Any advice what I should do?

If you already explained everything to MoM and they are processing it, there‘s not much else you can do but wait for the outcome.
Good luck!

Hello there, MoM has come back to me and the officer told me that MoM can't help to withdraw the EP application and the withdrawal has to be done by the company itself. Despite all the proof of communication that I have submitted that shows that Company A no longer wants to employ me and also shows that Company A won't withdraw the application, MoM told me that it is I who signed the employment contract previously and I was the one who breached the contract. MoM said that they can only advise both parties to solve the dispute ourselves.

So, I then again made effort to communicate with Company A and they simply told me that they won't be withdrawing the application despite having already filed complaint against me.

Is there anything else that I can do and please advise guys. I am feeling really hopeless now.

MoM website states that all conflicts regarding to contract should be settled between both parties.

Well now -

1. Best option is to talk to the company and request them. Tell them what MoM told you and ask them if they received any communication from MoM on their complaint.

2. Till when is the IPA valid ? My IPA is valid for 6 months. If yours too then if option 1 above fails to convince the company, then i am not sure if you would wait for IPA to expire. That's your call.

3. If the company refuses to cooperate then knock MoM's door again.

Yes I am still trying to talk to them and I am still waiting for their reply on a suitable time for a face-to-face short meeting. It seems to me that they are continuing taking their sweet time or purposely delaying me. Which I guess there isn't anything I can do since I am at fault here.

My IPA is valid for 6 months too and I think it will be withdrawn by MoM it expires after the peroid. Of course this is the worst and the last option for me in this situation.

The last time I spoke to MoM, the officer was stressing multiple times that I would need to solve dispute with the company itself or in a case where I failed, I might just have to wait for my IPA to expire.

You also can (and maybe should) look for a job in another country.
And for the future you should learn not to break contracts you agreed to without knowing the consequences.

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