cancellation of Oman work visa

hi all, my sister used to work in Oman and had Oman work visa. she left Oman before 1.5 years and came back to home country (India) but she didn't cancel her work visa as her Employer asked her to keep it open so that she can come back to Oman if she wants to in few months time.
Her employer has no objection for her not going back and they can give her no objection certificate if required.
But it seems Oman govt has put her name as absconder in immigration system which is creating problem for her to get visas for any other countries.
no what she should do ?
how can she cancel her work visa properly from India ?

Hi paprasha,

Here are some basic things for the understanding of all the forum users as well ...

For any employer to get an expatriate employment clearance is a humongous challenge.

And no employer would want to 'waste' the much-needed 'clearance' by letting the employee take an extended leave of absence. Your sister's former employer letting your sister go without cancelling her employment visa is quite strange.

Stranger still is, the employer could have simply given your sister the NOC, which would have enabled her return any time she wished, without the employer having to lose the job clearance. Wonder why that simpler option was not exercised.

The strangest of all is that, the government of Oman has far more important things to act upon instead of adding people to the absconder's list (how would they even know that a said employee has absconded in the first place, unless it is brought to their notice ??).

For your information, an expatriate employee will become an 'absconder' officially, only if the person's sponsor or the employer files a case with the ministry that the said expatriate has 'absconded'. Not any other way.

So definitely something is awry in your sister's case. Clearly, what has been told to your sister is not the truth.

Ask your sister to find out what exactly has transpired (using her other sources, obviously).

Thanks Sumitran. Actully her tourist visa for Australia got rejected recently and reason visa agent gave us is something related to her Oman work visa but he couldnt get more details from australian visa office. so i assumed it must be because my sister didnt cancel it properly by submitting no objection certificate from employer when she left Oman.
We will try to check wiyh oman immigration department to verify this now. Also will check with her employer in Oman who ard very co operative and helpful.

Hi paprasha,

In your sister's visa issue, there is a glitch somewhere. That much is evident.

It would be better for your sister to ask her former employer to have her employment visa cancelled and issue her with a NOC.

Hello....If I am in India for my Annual Vacation, can my employer can cancel my visa without me coming back to Oman upon my request by email??. Is there any issues if I want to come back to Oman after 2 year ban or If I want to go to Dubai or Qatar, say after 3 months.....Is there any issues???

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