Importing a car to Mauritius from Canada.

Hello my dear friends,

My name is Avinash. I was born and raised in Mauritius and my parents brought me to Canada a few years ago. First of all, I would like to thank the page admin for this this awesome site. It is well laid out and very informative.

The reason for this post is to inquire about the possibility of importing a car to Mauritius. It is a 1978 Lincoln Continental, with the steering wheel on the left hand side. it is a very sentimental car to me and now more than ever. My father and I was restoring the car and his wish was to take it back to Mauritius when he retires. Sadly, on December 22, 2018, my parents were in a car accident. I loss my dad and my mom is still recovering. Now, fulfilling my father's wish is very important for me.

I have been told that the MRA doesn't allow vehicle with the steering wheel on the left hand side to be imported to Mauritius. But according to website, it is okay. This is the site:

Can anyone shed some light on this topic for me please? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.


Indeed the MRA indicates "The vehicle should be right hand drive as the importation of left hand drive vehicle is prohibited"
I think you should get in touch with the National Transport Authority (NTA).
They will certainly be able to inform you or at least give you the required administrativ contact.
I am not really sure about the information but I heard their are some special certification from the NTA for vintage cars for example. (i am really not sure)
If you come back to live in Mauritius, there are some schemes to facilitate the return of mauritians: … ra-scheme/ … r-vehicles
One of these services will maybe be able to answer you

good afternoon what will the cost be +/- to import a car from South africa to Mauritius.

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