refused entre

last month i m refused for return ticket issues,and i re apealed but ICA reject my apeal,i need if any time limit for my re entre.

Next time provide more details and clear message for us to understand what has happened & why you were denied and what is the current status.

From your broken message, what I understood that your appeal at ICA against your denial to enter Singapore was rejected. That means stay away from visiting here and probably after 6months, send a request mail to ICA to allow you to visit here. If they replied with positive response then bring that print out as referral. Good luck

What I understand from message is:

ICA refused entry at Entry point due to you haven't returning ticket with you, after refusal you appealed which wasn't successful.

If that was the case, Surya gave you a good strong suggestion, appeal again after 6 months, and during six months work on your communications skills which you gonna need once you face ICA officer incase you get permission to travel to Singapore.



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