MOE (Ministry of education UAE) April 2019 Interviews

Hi Anyone for the April 2019 interviews in Sharjah

did anyone attend the interviews in sharjah on 6th April2019.

Hi you got the result?

No not yet what about you did you get.

so you r a candidate appeared on 29th in Delhi, and not UAE

i thought you had appeared in UAE


I attended MOE interview at sharjah on 23 march. Still i have not received any mail from MOE. what is your position? did you receive initial offer letter?

I attended MOE interview on 31st march at trident hotel in Mumbai. Still I haven't received any mail from them

Have you got your result? I attended MOE interview on 31st march, Mumbai and no correspondence from moe yet. How about your result? Your response is highly appreciated.

did you apply through agency or direct to moe website?


I applied directly to moe website and my interview was on May 1st in Sharjah. waiting for the result.

Yes, I also attended the interview from Sharjah on  May 1st

mine was on 27th april. still waiting for the results.

Pls let us lnow once your results are out.. v
Becoz i dont have an agency.. applied directly

me too directly applied. some got the regret mail it seems.

Hi arsha,
Which is your subject? Are they sending rejection mail also?

Yes.they do send regret mail it seems.but I haven't received any mail so far.

Mine is chemistry

hi i also attended the interview las 27th of april until now no updates yet whether it was unsuccessful of else

maybe we've met there with the two guys who were doing interviews.

no email yet?

May be they will publish the result on next week

What is your subject? Those who are through agency already got the results.

When they got the results?

Arsha Shijil wrote:

What is your subject? Those who are through agency already got the results.

Result of May 1st intervw came ?  Or april 27th intervws result?

April 27th

so meaning the results were positive or not?coz i have a friend were both physics received already email after 1 week saying its unsuccessful, hope they'll gonna email soon whatever it is.

You applied directly or through agency ?

i applied directly but until now i never heard any updates, my friend got an email after 1 week that it was unsuccessful, but mine never had any results yet.

That friend was also applied directly ?


do you have any idea someone who got a positive email from moe?

No, even I wanted to know that.

@congy likyam: i too applied directly and till now i got no result. when was your interview? one of my friend who attended the interview on feb received a positive result after one or two weeks. am little bit worried. after 2 weeks of my interview, i got an email asking for my visa status. thats all i heard from MOE.

Did u attend the interview in sharjah?
Even my friend who attended the interview in march got initial offer letter within a week.

my friend who attended the interview last 23 of feb already received an initial offer i think 10th of march, he's just waiting for the official contract...mine i was interviewed last 27th of april and i want to know if someone received a positive email, coz one of my friend we're together in sharjah on 27th of april received an email from moe but it was unsuccessful.

As per my knowledge no one has got any positive reply so far. Whatever the result is they will let us know.

Is anybody selected,when they directly applied through moe website not through agency?