MOE (Ministry of education UAE) April 2019 Interviews

You can apply directly on MOE website

It was a offer letter or L8 Congratulation email?

No ttp13

Yes my friend also got email mentioning congratulations  and ttp13

Do you know please if she received the offer letter

So far I don't think anybody has received the offer letter.

Yea she got the initial offer letter I have confirmed it.
Not only she but there was another lady at the final English assessment taken for ttp on 28th may she also got the initial offer letter.

Do do you know how long does it take to proceed with next step
And what will do next

Wallahi I don't know much.
I am also in need of info what would be next process.

hello eid mubarak, welcome back to school, hows everything, any updates?

No updates.. hopefully this week will get some.

Eid Mubarak to all
Any updates after the assessment email for joining ttp on 18th june

Hello..any body here from L3 batch

Any one received the contract

Hi, i am from L8 batch and i believe you from L3. Can i know your timeline? When u received ur congrats email? And after that?

Yes Me
when was your interview

Iam L3 interview in sharja at 9th of Feb
also waiting till now.

Jordanhero, 27th april. Urs? And did u receive any email after congrats email?


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Has anyone in ur grp got any updates after the congratulatory mail?


Is there any update regarding offer letter for L8 batch?

Hi! I am also with batch TTP13. I received the offer on May 26th and still waiting for the final contract. Have you received yours? I saw in another thread that it may take 1 to 2 months and they issue the contracts by batch.

I have received my preliminary contract in may and I am still waiting for final contract. Attended in Mumbai on April 1st for biology teaching position. Did anybody get the final contract already?

Many are still waiting. I too haven't received


I received the initial offer letter today. Hope you have received yours too.

wow congratulations, at what time you received?
...i still dont have

Congrats....hopefully we will get our soon😇

They declared the result immediately after the test. So why to wait.

They declared the result immediately after the test. So why to wait.

any update?
through which agency you went there?

did u receive final contract?

did u receive your final contract now?

did u get any update

Not selected what about you

i got my initial offer letter but waiting for final contract agency is not replying properly

Any updates on final contract?

still waiting...
rejection process is going on

Anyone who attended the interview on 30th of july in sharjah?

Do they allow us choosing the prefer emirate?

Yessssss July 30th .... Didn't get any updates.... In my intvw panel they said within 10days will notify via mail.... In other panels they said 2 or can expect after Eid...

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