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Hi All ,
I have been offered a job in Singapore above 6k SGD last month Feb 2019.Feb 25th my employer submitted the ep application and within few days my FIN number was generated and my  today status is (Mar 13th) is still "pending" . My employer called me and said that they do have a doubt in my ep approval ,by this time it should have been approved but not.I asked for the reason, they said since our company is in watchlist it may or may not get approved.Lets wait for another 2 weeks if not we will process through another employer which can be done after 15days . I am totally pissed off.I have Already resigned my current job and i am without salary this month. I dunno what to do . Please advice.I am not how once my ep got rejected , how can I get ep from another employer ? What is the chance of getting a new ep from another employer ?

You should visit this forum before your action (resigning from your job).

If you read our forums, we have said many times that don’t resign from your company till your EP gets approved. There is no guarantee that EP will approve.

Getting from new employer is that another company will hire you, send offer letter to accept etc. What I understand from your message is that your employer may be a consultant who is in watch list of MoM, they might have under the table arrangement with another consultant (who either not in watch list or a newly formed who can apply EP), so they will process your EP and you will be working under them.

These are not official and doing lots of cheating things and exploitation to their employees.

My suggestion, start reading our old threads to understand various things in Singapore. Good luck

Of course any EP application may be approved or rejected.
Therefore you should not have resigned just because of the application.
If your application is rejected, another employer can of course apply for an EP on a job with them. I suggest you start looking for another employer - preferable one that is not linked to the dubious one you are dealing with now!

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.As you said its my mistake, only after this issue i came to know about this forum.Before resigning i checked the eligibility in MOM site using the tool.Anyway let's hope for the best.

I had same problems half year ago... My employer offered to contact https://www.one-visa.com/ Yes, I had to spend money on services but I saved a lot of time and got rid of a headache.

Thanks for your reply Rickier. I didn't get the link which u sent . It shows link under review.

Can you see it now. You are welcome.

Yes I can. Can you explain what kind of service was done by them ? My ep was already applied by my employer and it's kept in pending state by singapore govt for further checks for atleast 3 months.

In my opinion they still had time to cancel the application through the court and submit a new.

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