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Hi everyone!

I am a newbie here and this is my first post.I would like to share my experience with you all and like to hear your opinions

Currently I am working in Singapore . My husband secured a job in Singapore and waiting for work pass application approval while he was in India and it got rejected.Now while waiting for the pending appeal approval he visited Singapore to meet me but he was refused to enter Singapore at the immigration check point.He went back to India.Now does it affect the work visa approval and still we don't the reason for rejection.

Shouldn’t affect on work pass approval. If immigration officer didn’t mention what was the reason of refusal but definitely have asked questions related to his visit.

Was he carrying return ticket, must be within 29 days of visiting date with valid visa approval?
Was it first time he visits or have visited multiple times here? Good luck

Hi Surya,
I have been worked in Singapore almost 3 years from 2o15 to 2018 sep on employment pass with my wife and my daughter they are my dependents. I went back to India and joined in one of the company in india. My Wife got job in Singapore so she wanted to work in Singapore, she joined in Singapore company in the month of January 2019 at that time I went to Singapore on visit visa with my wife to help her and to settle down there and I stayed there for 30 days and came back to india. In that 30 days I got a job in Singapore, once I come back to india they initiated me employment pass but it has been rejected and my company appealed still the status showing rejected. Again I went to Singapore in last week to see my wife but ICA refused me to enter into Singapore. Is this because of my EP rejected? But In refusal  form they ticked 4th option I am not sure what they written in that. My question here is, is there any effect on my EP Appeal status and if I wants to go Singapore to visit my wife will they allow me? If I wants to get clearance From ICA, just needs to send mail that I am coming to Singapore to visit my wife , please provide me the approval, Is it enough to get approval from ICA? Next time I want to visit my wife in Singapore with my daughter. Will there be any problem? In how many days I can enter into Singapore?

All your questions are replied many times in the forum. I would suggest read old threads.

In short, send a mail to ICA (link was given in old threads), tell your incident along with your information such as passport and other details OR ask your Wife to visit ICA to do the same. If they inform that you can visit then print out the copy to show the immigration officer.

EP appeal may not affect. But, appealing without addressing the rejection reason is fruitless. So, your employer should know the reason before appealing.

Your entry was denied as you are traveling quite often for searching jobs and officer can also see your EP got rejected. There is no guarantee that you will be allowed again to visit your Wife so frequent. Good luck

Hi Surya, thank you very much for for reply

Yas1616 :

please provide me the approval,
Next time I want to visit my wife in Singapore with my daughter. Will there be any problem?
In how many days I can enter into Singapore?

I think you are expecting too much from us!
We are forum volunteers only and cannot provide visa approvals or foresee the future!
As Surya suggested, read the many discussions about similar cases on this forum. Yours may or may not turn out the same.

Hi Surya2k,

Many thanks for the reply!

Yes, he was carrying the valid tourist visa with return ticket in hand but this was his second visit to Singapore from the past 2 months(first visit- jan 10 to feb 9).what should be my next move?wait for the work permit appeal  approval or send email to ICA ?Thanks in advance

Are there two aimilar cases being discussed in this thread, or are you husband and wife?!?

Hi Surya, sorry for asking many questions,
Can I still wait to get outcome for my EP Appeal or can I go for ICA Appeal for my entry refusal.

Hi beppi/ Surya,
Sorry we are not. I have selected this post as it is similar to my case.
Could you please Let me know whether can I mention the point to ICA that I got a job when I was in Singapore with my wife and my employer initiated EP when I went back to india and was rejected and my employer appealed and then i travelled to Singapore to visit my wife and I refused to entry into Singapore.
Thanks in advance  for your advice.

No need to mention to ICA. They can see easily in their system.

You just define your denial issue and request them to allow you & your daughter to visit your Wife. Good luck

Hi Surya,
My EP got approved today after Appeal.
I am requesting you could you please let me know what should I write email to ICA this time to enter into Singapore as i was refused to enter into Singapore on visit visa last time. Thanks for your advice and help.

Congrats, you may write to ICA that I have IPA letter with me to travel. Kindly advise if I can travel. Give the details of incident.

If you ask me, I must say that there should not be an issue to come Singapore after your EP got approved. Good luck

Hi Surya, Thank you very much , can I attach IPA letter to ICA and ask for entry into Singapore.

Thanks again for your help

Hi Surya, sorry for asking my English is not good,  incident details means should I mention every thing in detail that I visited Singapore on visit visa on so and so date and I was refused to enter Singapore. Now I have IPA letter so could you please let me know whether can I enter into Singapore. Is it enough or can I put more detials.
Can I attach IPA letter in the email?
Sury, Please help me to write mail to ICA to enter into Singapore. Thanks

Yes, you can do it exactly as you wrote!

Hi Surya/ Beppi,
Please suggest can I add any more info to this mail.

Sub: Request for entry into Singapore

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Yas ( Indian national, Passport No: Xxxxxxx)
I was refused to enter into Singapore on 8th March 2019 with Visit visa.

Now I have got my EP approved and IPA (My FIN XXXXXXX)With validity till 28 Aug 2019 hence requesting you to grant permission to enter into Singapore.
Please find attachment for IPA letter for your reference.

Thank you for your consideration and looking forward to your response.

Thanks & Regards,
Ph: xxxxxxxxxx

Or can I include
to visit my wife Ramya who is working in Glen eagles hospital as Radiology assistant.

I would include more details of the enjtry denial: time, location, reason - but I guess they can easily find that in their system.
An EP is not meant for visiting your wife, so I would not mention that.


Hi Beppi/ Surya,

I got reply from ICA, that if you want to visit Singapore in future needs to submit form 14 through local sponsor.but I did not get any info that I can enter with IPA or not.
What should I do now, please let me know if you know any info. When I call ICA they said you need to submit form 14 through local sponsor. I called then again and another guy pick the call and said there will not be a problem if you come with IPA.

I am in confusion whether can I travel or not.


If you want to be certain, submit form 14 through local sponsor.
If you like suspense and adventure, come with your IPA only.
Good luck!

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