EP Rejected


A bit lost and confused with my EP application.
Heres the rundown:

Accepted an offer with our Sg office (work for the USA office of the same company).
S$10,500 monthly salary.
Technical Manager.
No Degree.
12 years of experience in the field with continued growth in salary.
5 years with the US office. The rest were freelance work in the same industry.
Sg office has a good track record and been in business for 30 years.
SAT showed good results for both EP and S-Pass.

Here's the issue:

Employer applied for EP on Jan 23.
EP rejected today, Mar 1.

I found out through the MOM e-service.
No reason was given. (I assume it wouldn't say it here regardless?).
I called the Sg office and they said they will start looking into it.

The glaring question from the get-go was my lack of education being a factor for not getting an EP but there is no school for my kind of work, its very niche.

Also, I did notice that the job was posted on jobsbank on Jan 30 and expired today.
I don't know what else could be the issue.

Any advice?

You alrady stated the two likely reasons for your rejection:
- The job was not properly poisted on the jobs bank.
- You have no tertiary education.
After the jobs bank posting is unsuccessfully completed, the company can apply again. They should give a strong justification why they must hire you and nobody else. You may only get an S-Pass due to your education.

As far as I know your company should wait 14days to recruit someone from outside SG after publishing the same job post in Singapore Job bank.

Also higher salary range should be shown in the job bank for locals, than what you were offered.

Plus it can be an issue with education qualification. But still your company can talk to MOM to find out the reason or convince them why they need to recruit you here in SG.

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