Student pass for infant

I have read so many posts from other people about student pass for babies.
Here I would like to ask you that if my salary is not getting 6k that student pass may no chance to approve?
And I understood from previous posts that should find local sponsors like Singaporean or PR. That how to find and it must be relative? Kindly help me to answer. Because I would like to apply student pass for my 3 months old baby under infant care. Thanks in advance.

You had asked me sending PM, and I had replied the below:

If you read various forum messages, you must have come to know that 6k is for applying DP (not someone’s student pass).

First check with MoM if 3 months kid is eligible to apply student pass or not. I am not heard of applying student pass for an infant.

Same time, check with infant child care centre if any such case where someone applied student pass for infant. If yes, then find out how did they apply and did school provided any referral etc? Good luck

Thanks for your reply.
I have checked with infant care and they said yes previously they have applied student pass for infant. And now they will apply for my baby as well. But one of my fri baby was rejected before. That’s why I would like to know some info from here before my daughter apply. Thanks

In that case, ask them to provide reference letter from school which has positive impact on your child’s application. Good luck

Hi I am s pass holder . My Wife is e pass holder before now not working because of did not get dependent pass for my Son.any possible to get student pass for my Son (1.3 months  ) or Need to wait until 3 age .anybody got student pass before .pls advise me .thanks

Hi sir may I know which infant care  can get student pass for child

Check an infant care centre, if they are applying student passes. secondly if your salary is less than 6k you can’t apply DP. Hence, when the authorities will know infant’s parents are not eligible to apply DP for their child then chances are there that student pass may not get approves. Better check with the govt authorities, you should have plan B in place, if this doesn’t work. Good luck

Thanks for reply
Your are right . Cannot get dp because less than 6k .i have only possible way student pass .
I also don’t know which infant care will get student pass for foreign child .i want more information about student pass .
Sorry my Son age is. 1 year 3 months old.
I will check infant care center. I am working s pass 3k my Wife worked before e pass 4 k.but my wife not working now .job is still available but they don’t want give dp . If u have more info share me thanks lot

Check this page on ICA's website for the details:
The child has to attend the chosen institution full-time to be eligible. This will cost you at least S$1275/month (if you are eligible for subsidies).

Noted with thanks

Are you able to get a student pass for your baby?

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