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Was hoping to get some clarity on a matter.

I was offered a role by a competitor of my current employer in Singapore (I am South African). I am university graduate (Diploma in Auditing) and have just over 4 years experience of work.

My new employer offered me SGD6,500 per month as a basic salary. My application was submitted on the 15th of Dec and received feedback on the first week of Jan that it got rejected.

To my research and understanding, this should've been an easy process. I tried to investigate on a reason for the rejection, I did criminal, education, financial record and identity check. Everything came back clear, however there was a note on my criminal record that I had been fined for driving at speeds above the allowed speed.

I then sent all the above docs to my new employer and they then appealed. 3 weeks passed and MoM sent my HR BP a message saying they need a further 3 weeks to assess the appeal.

Please advise on what is happening here and my prospects of a successful appeal, this is emotionally draining and I am starting to give up.

Thanks to everyone that responds,

You didn’t mention where you were fined for crossing the speed limit. If it’s in your country then should not have an issue at all, unless police file a criminal case against you, which I don’t think it would be the case. If it’s in Singapore then it may not have a major issue which will influence your pass rejection.

The reason for rejection could be something else. Did you try to reach out your new employer to know if MoM did mention anything? Appealing something without addressing the root cause of rejection won’t give you positive response.

You can continue with your existing job and wait for the final outcome of your appeal. Good luck

Thanks Surya,

The Police did file a criminal case, however it got dropped as it was my first offence. In SA if you speed above 40km/h above speed limit, they issue a court order and a case is opened against you.

I have disclosed all of this to them, I guess I just have to wait for feedback. As MoM didn't want to disclose the cause. I don't know if this is possible, however they (My employer) said ICA did not endorse the application, however MoM did approve it. The problem seemed to be with ICA. In your past engagements, what are the typical reason ICA doesn't approve an application.


I don't think any of the issues you mentioned really caused your rejection, as they are not related to working in Singapore (and you already have a work pass!).
If indeed ICA caused the rejection, it must be some immigration infraction or similar. So far this is only hearsay, but you can contact ICA an ask!

Thanks Guys, I am hoping for positive feedback this week. Will provide you with an update during the course of the week.

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