Re-Entering Singapore from Malaysia

Hi I would like to ask, a Filipino friend came in last 20January granted a 30day stay and currently waiting for the result of his interview today (08feb). He is planning to book a flight to Malaysia on 11Feb (ETD: 9PM ETA 10PM) while waiting for the result and go back again here in Singapore on 17Feb.

Validity of stay: Jan 20-Feb 19
Remaining days from departure to MY: 8 days
Number of days in Malaysia: 7 days. (counting 11Feb as first day)

- Will there be an issue at the SG airport upon departure due to his remaining 8days validity?
- Will there be an issue at the SG airport upon arrival on the 17th of Feb due to his remaining 8days validity?
- Does he need to show his ticket back to Philippines (I just read somewhere that is could also help)
- Is there a chance that ICA will grant another 30day period?

really appreciate your response

Did you read threads in visa category? We have advised similar cases many times already.

Next time spend more time on reading various threads as most of questions are answered multiple times.

Now, coming back to your query, read my answer below:

1. There is no remaining days as such, once your friend left Singapore. So, the remaining days are nullified once your friend departs.

No issue at departure time.

2.  There is no guarantee that on his/her arrival, he or she will be allowed to enter again. There would be higher possibility, immigration officer will ask the reason for his or her second visit in short span of time. He or she has to give a rationale to visit second time (don’t say for waiting interview result or coming here for sightseeing, they can easily track down his/her last stay which was 22 days, more than enough for sightseeing a tiny country).

There is no question of that remaining days, it’s already invalid after he or she left Singapore.

He or she must have to show return ticket of his/her final or next destination along with accommodation details in Singapore including contact number of hotel or place during his/her stay.

He or she may get 30 days or much lesser (may be a week or so) or may even deny to enter. So, mentally be prepared for all possible result. Good luck

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If an EP is already applied for, it is o.k. to say so when asked for reason of stay. But just waiting for job offers does not give him the right to stay in Singapore longer.
Rather than hoping for a visa extension through the back door by temporarily visiting Malaysia, your friend could contact ICA before his trip and ask for advice on how to handle the situation - but then he needs to give a valid reason other than job search.
That said, after a week of absence and if it is the first such incidence, the risk of problems is low (but not zero!).

Hello, thanks heaps for your advises. In relation to the accommodation and contact number, he is staying at my place. Can he provide my contact details instead? Thanks a lot

He needs to give your name, address and contact details and what your relationship is. They will then call you to confirm.

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