EP Pending Dec 2018

Hi guys,

I’m writing this post because I’m getting anxious about my EP. This is the  first time I apply for EP Singapore. I was sponsored by a well known global tech firm. 4.5 years working experience; Bachelor degree from the U.S.  Base salary will be 6k Singapore dollar/M; I’m from China and will be in charge of business in Chinese market, but base in singapore office. 

My application was submitted on Dec 4, 2018; now the status is showing as “pending”, no message received by my employer from MOM. Since it’s approaching 4 weeks, I’m getting worried. As I read from other posts here, the time period for approval could be 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Still would love to hear any advice from people are/were in the same situation.


Where did you hear that the time period is in between 2 to 6 weeks? If you read our responses, we have been saying, it could take a month in average, leave few exceptions where got approval in 2 weeks or took 3 months.

There is nothing unusual in your case. You may receive positive response soon. Have patience. Good luck

Well thanks a lot! :)
I will keep updated. Finger crossed.

Hi Surya, I got reply from MOM as following, would like to hear your suggestion for the next move. Have you seen anyone else has similar situation?

“As we need to carry out more checks, it will take at least 3 months to review your application. Each case will be assessed holistically, taking into account applicant-related criteria, input from other agencies, and whether fair consideration has been given to workers in Singapore.”

Thank you!

If you read open threads in this forum you must come to know that this is very common practice at MoM.

Depends upon how fast the vetting agencies get the information from educational institutions, previous employers etc. which MoM has no capacity to tell. Based on the input from those agencies, MoM can review and provide their approval.

It may take 3 months or 2months or 1 month or lesser, depends on the entire process mentioned above. Have patience and good luck.

Note: If your certificates are not mentioned in English then you must have to provide an authorised translation under approved authority. MoM doesn’t validate any language other than English.

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