Approval for Appeal for Entry to Singapore

My husband ‘s has received an IPA letter for his entry to Singapore after 1 year. Can u advise how we can proceed to apply for his LTVP when he arrive in Singapore. What is the next thing we need to do?

Did you read threads in this forum? We have provided enough information for you to understand the Singapore work pass & visa approval and their usages. Good luck

Why he needs LTVP, when he has approval IPA letter?

No his approval is only for his re-entry to Singapore. He was told to leavev due to a mistake we made in thecaddress.

If he has an approved work pass and IPA in hand, then he can move to Singapore with it and start his job. There is no need for him to apply for an LTVP.
If, however, you are talking about your own visa to join him in Singapore, please be advised that you cannot get an LTVP. Your husband's company needs to apply for a DP (dependent's pass) for you instead.

Agreed with Beppi. Please write phrases in a constructive manner so that it can be easily understandable. Good luck

Are you a Singapore citizen? If not, then change your profile to current citizenship status as it appears you are a Singapore citizen.

I am a Singaporean & my husband is a foreigner. His approval letter is for his re entry back into  Singapore. While he is here i need to apply for his Dependant pass. At this moment he will be staying in a hotel since we still have to apply for his LTVP & wait for the approval before renting a place to stay. Will this affect his application.

His temporary place of residence should not have any influence on his LTVP application.
But of course instead of an expensive hotel, you could rent something and let him stay with you (officially as a guest).

Thank u for your reply :)

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