Salary Query

Hi Friends,

I have a very niche expertise in a certain field in international trade and I have been offered  for it a salary of KD 5000 per month without any benefits for a contract of 5 years subject to renewal.
I will be reporting directly to the Chairman. My designation will be Director - International Business.

I want to know if this salary is sufficient for Kuwait standards. I have heard it’s exorbitantly expensive to live in Kuwait.

My Wife and I are married and expecting our first child.

Please advice if I must pick up this job. At the moment I am doing the same role with an MNC in Mumbai, India and drawing CTC Rs 53 lacs per year.

Hoping someone will provide me valuable advice.

I wouldn't think twice.

Living in Kuwait can be cheap or super expensive, it all depends on your lifestyle.

Also, please refrain from spamming multiple existing threads with the same post.

Life is not cheap here but I think you will be able to survive with KD 5000 per month.

So KD 5000 is just enough to survive in Kuwait? My salary here in India affords me and my family a good lifestyle.
No point in coming to kuwait and working for such a Low salary to just survive.
I’m confused now with the reply from Moo.

Can anyone else give me more advice whether to make the move?

I must be able to save at least KD 3000 from 5000 else no point in coming to Kuwait for 5 years.

Advice please.

5000 is plenty. You can rent a large apartment in a nice area with pool for 700-800. Petrol is cheap, groceries can be expensive depending on what you are buying, but the bottom line is that you can easily save 3000 KD.

Also schools can be pricey, don't know how many kids you have and how old are they?

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