450 KD is it enough to live in Kuwait.

Dear Friends I've got a new job and they offered 450kd pm. Without accommodation and food.

As a single bachalore is it enough to live?
How much can I save excluding all my  pocket expenses.

Appricite your comments on this.

You will get a sharing room for 50 kd , food and travelling will be another 50 KD , depending if you cook at home or eat out

The accomodation and food have to share ourself with 2 other bachalores. Food Will have to have outsides at any Indian hotels.

Free Medical and return flight charge is offered by company.

Is 450 KD enough to live there as single bachalore which excludes food out side and room rent?

For a single who shares a room among 4 persons(difficult to manage if all have same going out time) and if u cook at home than it is OK. If u are coming to Kuwait from any other country if u get 4 times higher salary than it is think able otherwise enjoy your family life well. The foreign life is not a easy task. Home is home.. No match at all. By living alone so many social issues are to be faced. However u are the one who have to take a decesions in this regard.
Wish u good luck

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