Is 800 Kuwaiti dinars good enough

I will be moving to Kuwait from New Zealand in August 2020
I am a teacher and will be teaching there
I am single with no dependents
The school is providing housing transport and utilities so I only need to buy food
Is 800 Kuwaiti dinars good enough for just food and to save
Also what tips can you give me what to bring what to expect etc

Welcome to Kuwait , Yes , it's enough for single person , You can eat well and save good amount. All the best.

If your school will provide housing and transport, you can save up to 400-450 KD monthly.

Hi ligitoleafoa,

I created a new topic as from your post on the Kuwait forum. If you have more questions on the cost of living in Kuwait, please do not hesitate to post them here.

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welcome to Kuwait

800KD is very good if they are taking care of housing and transportation.

tips would be to prepare for the hot weather since u are arriving in August.
try to know which area you will be staying at and explore it.
Kuwait has a lot of goodness to offer so try to make some friends and enjoy the country.

Hi & welcome to Kuwait..
KD 800.000 will be more than enough, if u wanna calculate in an easy way to be precise on an average you may buy food for a day min. of Kd 15.000 that comes to Kd 450.000 or if you cook in home it'll come to even half of that no worries, u'll have a ample amount to save for your future too..

Anyways, i too have some queries, have u known to somebody from NewZealanders came to kuwait, did they get VISA on arrival...??? This matter is very important for me to know as my parents are on NewZealand passport & wants to visit kuwait for couple of days within couple of days to travel, so i was just curios to know, though i know that its visa on arrival but just wanna make from the person who had face such ordeal, it'll be a great help for me to know the fact...many thanks to all readers.

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