Doctor moving to Kuwait... Kindly assist

Hi Members,

I am Dentist and am moving to Kuwait soon. I would like to know the following.

1. I have been offered a salary of 1200 KWD plus furnished accommodation. Is that a reasonable salary.

2. How is the Al-Jahra area to live.

3. What is the approximate cost of living for 2 in Kuwait.

4. Any other inputs on the following would be highly appreciated - Drivers Licence Info, Learning Arabic and sources of entertainment and general life in Kuwait.

Thank you in anticipation.

Doc Lobo...

Hello Doc Lobo and welcome to!

I may suggest you to take a look at the discussions of the forum about cost of living, it may help.

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Thats is a very reasonable salary according to me,and there might be increment in future not sure about that.

you said al jahra,or did you meant al Zahra,in which regional hospital or clinic will you be working in?

diver licence wont be a problem for you since you are a doctor,for professionals it snot a problem,just complete the requirements and you will have it.

there is every source of entertainment here in Kuwait.cinemas,malls,rock climbing in salmiya,there are various groups that you can get along with.some of them organize their own activities.Here ,there are so many Indians,you will get along with them.if you are a Muslim and if you know Urdu,you wont have much problem in learning Arabic.its a beautiful language.

Thank you for your reply Ace !

I would be in Al Jahra, Kuwait. Kindly give me some details of the area.


well ,that area is a little apart from the major areas,there are many hospitals in that area.

as for the expenses you were wondering,it depends on your standard of can find things cheaper in some place compared to other.

Thanks Ace.

your welcome

I dont recommend living in Jahra, try asking them for a better place.

he might be working in Jahra hospital or few of them near its convenient for him.

hi do lobo .. first ur salary its normal for ur jup u must take mor than 1200kd but may be thats for start and he will increase with the time ..scond al-jahra 50km from the kuwait center its not bade but its not like al-salmia .. the rent flat in al-jahra 2 room 180 kd until 220 kd ..  the drive licence u can take it easly  coz ur doctor .. ur willcome

Thank you for all your inputs.

hello to everyone,for have rights or chance work as a doctor in Kuwait ,u must have experience not less than 5 years,and i found ,that some nationality ,they accept just in goverment,but never in private practice.

Hello Leleka,

Thank you for your information :)

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Salary is reasonable as you are being provided with furnished accommodation.any way if you have kids then apart from your accommodation rent the other cost would be kd.400. Getting a license for professionals is not difficult. By the way Jahra area is not comfortable for expats as mostly bedouins live there and often cause nuisence. Ask them provide accommodation in other area .hope this advise helps you.

Hello Doc Lobo
Jahra is not the best area to stay . My recommendation is get the job get your family after a year , it takes around 8 to 10 months to  settle down. Driving license is highly recommended to get.
Good luck

Dear Members,

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Expat-blog Team

how about problems faced in initial period
like attestations
MOH clearance of exams
attestation of documents

apap35 :

how about problems faced in initial period
like attestations
MOH clearance of exams
attestation of documents

Hi, did you get these sorted? I've asked the same question in a separate post but would be grateful for your input on how this process went for you.

Yes done with all and started working here..
Its easy to do all this things

apap35 :

Yes done with all and started working here..
Its easy to do all this things

That's good to know. Would you mind helping me with more details of the process?
- how is the document attestation done: who can attest them, and what exact language do they ask for on the attestation statement?
- how is the medical license process done? I understand that the employer applies on our behalf, is that correct? How long did that take to do, and what did they ask you to provide?
- what did they ask you in the medical license viva? Is it kept to within your speciality or do they ask general questions too?
- How is the work/residency visa done, and what are the requirements?

Thank you!

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