Cost of Living in Kuwait

Dear Friends,

I am an Indian senior HR professional with rich 20 years of international corporate exposure.

I have got a job offer from Al-Kuwait and the salary is KD 2000 PM all inclusive HRA, TA. Internet, 2 Mobile connections are free.

Well, the most mattering criteria is the saving potential while accepting an overseas assignment.

How much I might save with this kind of package after mitigating a decent life? How will be the monthly expenses? I will be there along with my wife.

Friends, if anyone can give me an outlined idea !!!

Best wishes

KD 2000 is very good salary .you can save KD 1400 and spend
KD 600 on rent and food and transpotation. good flat of
with 2 rooms = KD 250 and u can buy a car for KD 1500 .Regarding foods and drinks i think KD 150 is enough . My opinion is based on your salary but if your salary different the expenses will change.
Good luck .

Hi Moo,

Thanks Dear .....

Are you based at Kuwait? ....What are you doing there?

Yes, they have given the offer of KD 2000 per month. it could be bit more as negotiation going-on. Well, I guess the cost of expenses given by you is for 2 persons.
Company will give us 2 mobile and monthly bill on their own at actual. Internet they will give free. Well, at this point in time I am not deciding to buy a car. And in this circumstance may I have some more inputs from you about following matters:

1. What would be Food Cost p.m. for 2?
2. If we go out once in a week to have dinner or lunch out then what would be cost p.m.?
3. Can I have a car on rent for my home-to-office travel on monthly basis and what will be the cost in that case?
4. Let me know some good areas to have a house on rent

Thanks you very much dear for all these info. Looking forward to have more input from your end.

Best Wishes.

Hi Dear ..
          According to my knowledge about the market its a nice salary. Food expense is according to your living style. It will never come more than what Moo said.
As you r an indian you can go for 'Salmiya' for your stay. This area is more quite and also more indians are staying here.  (You have to consider your office location also)
Weekend outing expense is up to you. It will be about 10 kd in my case. (Just an outing for food)
Rent a car is very common here. But still i advice you to get a license and buy a car. Buying a used car/jeep is very cheep here. Buying a car is easier than getting a driving license.
Other expense like school fees and all are according to your school selection.


Thanks Sanal .... Thank you very much ...

By nationality I am an Indian ... but born and brought-up outside India .. I have been rendering my service in KSA for the last 3 years. Before that I was in Canada.

Where the company is located ?

Ahmed Al Jaber Street
Plot 1A, Sharq Area

That means You are in the Kuwait City. Salmiya is not very near but its OK to stay in salmiya.

by car how long it will take to reach office at sharq area from salmiya?

do you feel it is possible and good to stay around my office area, i.e. sharq area? is there any residencial area at sharq?

There is residence in sharq area... You can go for that.... From salmiya to shaq it will take araound 15 mnts with out any traffic problems. As a begining you select sharq, later if you need you can change.

I thought of writing soemthing for your querry,
Usualy If you are expecting to be in kuwait loong time. take your own car, new car Nissan or toyota aprx around 4000KD.
if you rent per month 150-250 KD per month For house it take more than 250KD is without furniture,
with furniture it will goes around 350KD
accordign to you conditaion

for a food also usuly both of you can manage around 150-200 including outside on weekends.

How ever gd luck for you new opportunity.

traveling in kuwait is easy, mostly u can go anywhere to any place with in 30min. even it is traffic out there.

I advise u to find flat in Ben Al0Qar .It is very near to Sharq  Area. The most important thing is work and house .they must be near to each other or u will feel tired every morning because of the roads traffic.

About foods and shopping it depends on your life style .There are cheap restaurants and expensive restaurants.

My husband received an job offer for 400KD reaching 500KD after commission. he's planning to move me and our 6 months daughter with him? Will this salary be enough? I am planning to work as well in the near future. So considering the cost of a 2 BHK appartment, 2 cars a day care for the baby, food and groceries... will we live a good life and be able to save?

This salary will not be enough in my opinion. It can work but wil be difficult. A flat can cost anywhere from 150 pm or more. Furnished and depends on the location of the area he works and the condition of the flat you want. I advise against it at this time.

Moo has given very good and useful information. If you want to start pricing flats and cars check out and as well as go to language kuwaiti newspaper) can see prices and other info.

Best of luck to you and your family.

thanks a lot wlrooks for your reply. This salary is only for a permanent time because i;m planning to work with a similar salary. i;m planning to look for a job the moment i step foot in kuwiat. so if the combined slalry is about 900 to 1000 kd both of us, again considering 2bhk, 2 cars, a daycare, food and groceries, .... will it be sufficient?

sorry i meant temporary not permanent :) and excuse the spelling mistakes... i'm using a notebook (so small)!!

For a 2 bedroom flat, groceries and daycare and 2 cars, a salary of 900-1000 is possible. As long as you have a good budget plan and either come with enough funds to purchase the cars or save. I am not completely sure on daycare expenses. Try those websites I gave you. I don't think it will be too hard.

Hi Arindam,

First thing want to ask u is have u shifted to Kuwait?

If yes, tell me the following things.

1) U r from HR so i thought to ask u. My husband is an electrical engineer havning 5 yrs. of experience in MNC. What salary we shd ask with accomodation and without accomodation. Negotiatation will be soon.

2) Is kuwait is a much modern country or any restrictions for woman?

3) M also electrical enginner and working in the same fiels. Shall i also get d job? I mean woman there  works in industry?


In my humble opinion I guess 1,000KD/month (combined) is enough for a family of 4 with simple lifestyle. I mean common guys, live within your means. I know some people who have lower incomes than that but were able to provide for their necessities plus savings to buy a house in their homeland. Nevertheless, if there are greater opportunities, just grab them. After all we are working not just to provide for our selves and our family but also to enjoy life.

one more thing. Vats d cost of living der?
Company is providing transportation only.
Rest all thing we have to...
can u tell me vats d approx. cost of living i.e for 1 BHK home and fod etc?



What is the average salary for 5 yrs. experience electrical engineer?
and also 1BHK rental home and food cost per month for couple?
Company is providing traportation.

Plz reply.


Dear Friends,

I am an Indian telecom IT professional.

I have got a deputation work at Zain-Kuwait for 3 Months and allowances I will get is KD 384.52 per month (990 Euro) inclusive Service apartment, TA, Internet, 1 Mobile connection is free.

How much I might save with this kind of package? How will be the monthly expenses?

Friends, if anyone can give me an outlined idea..!

Best wishes

With all due respect, for a 20 year prof in HR with international exposure, you should have asked for free furnished family accommodation, car, family air fare every year from place of posting to place of visit, etc... and then 2000KD. (coz 2000KD works out to only about US$7200)

I'm a graphic/web designer from india. I got an offer of 750KD per month. Will that sufficient for me to lead a decent life in kuwait?

How much i can save with this salary?

I'm Reservation Supervisor  from Egypt . I got an offer of 230 KD per month. is it good offer?

How much i can save with this salary?

You can spend 200kd monthly or spend 2000kd monthly, it is up to you, you can live in crappy building with crappy furniture in a crappy area for 100KD monthly, or you can rent a flat for 600KD monthly.

you can eat cheap food or you can spend 100kd on one meal, you can use public transportation for 0.250KD or you can buy a ferrari, its all up to you, how you want to live is completely your choice, there are options for you to choose from.

You can get an unfurnished apartment in Salmiya starting from 180KD up to 500KD, There's a place in (Amman Street) (One bedroom/livingroom/bathroom/kitchen for 180KD) (2bedrooms 250KD)

New building, private parking, security.

and it is a huge building, over 500 apartments. i would suggest checking it out when you get here.

I'm pretty sure you wont spend over 600KD monthly and you'll have a decent life.


I am an ERP professional with 7 years of experience. I am having an offer of 1250 KD Per month in kuwait. Can some one please tell me the cost of living in kuwait. How much is he mimimum amount in KD for the following:

1. Rent (planning for 1BHK as the family size is 3)
2. Food expenses (for 2)
3. Travel expenses
4. Medical Insurance (per person)
5. Others (Electricity and telephone)



Hi dear all,
          i got one offer from kuwait post of an instrument engineer salary 600KD/month is that is salary is ok for live with my family (wife and kid)or how much salary required to live in kuwait.wht is the charge for family visa each person.and medical insurance card.

what is cost of living there?

company name is :AL RASHED HOLDING company can anyone please tell about this company is that good company...

Nobody here know how you spend your money, how your appetite etc.

1) House: Furnished vs Unfurnished
Bear in mind, it is hard to find cheaper than 350kd/month for furnished house. And you can either get cheap room (share with other family) lower than 100kd.
2) Food: Cook or Eat Out
Cook by your own should save you a lot.
3) Transport: Own vs Public
Depend on how much you need to travel

And each of item has own criteria to be decided. Too many things.

thanks for your valuable comment,can u please tell me how much cost for single bedroom aappartment with furnished or unfurnished accommodation.for 600Kd/month is k for living with family my wife and one much I can save.please tellme briefly.

Hi Everyone

I have been offered a job that pays KD1800per month,
will it be enough for me and my family? we have 2 kids aged 9 and 15, what are the average school fees? what are the average apartment rentals? what re good ares to live in? i have been offered a job at AL Shayya. which are is close to where i will work? i am looking for average costs. please help

welcome to kwt.. eloborate more to get apt reply..

is KD1800 a good salary for a family of 4?
what are ave apartment rates for a 3 bedroom (close to al- shaya offices and to schools)?
which suburb is close to al shaya offfice and also to good school?
what are ave school fees?
is it better to rent a car or buy?

It is good salary if it is just base salary. Otherwise, you may want to reject it.

Hi I'm considering a job offer, but don't know the cost of living in Kuwait, is below a decent offer and how's Kuwait for european woman.
Salary offered- 2000/- KD per month tax free i.e. 4400/- UK pounds per month approx.
Grade- 14
30% discount on staff purchase
Family health Insurance
Family annual ticket allowance
30 working days annual paid leave
25% Annual incentive scheme bonus on basic salary per annum.


Hi Friends,

I am from India and I have got a job opportunity in Kuwait. Company name is Al-Futtaim and my job location is in Fahaeel city in Kuwait. My designation is Assistant Production Manager.I have been offered salary of 260 KD with accommodation,food,transport. Also there will be an increment,bonus,overtime depending on the work I have on few days.  Can anyone let me know how would be the cost of living in Kuwait like if I go out and roam once in a week, I do not do much shopping other than necessary daily needs.Also how will be the cost of Food even if i eat all 2 times a day outside.

Thank You :)


I am madhur from India,and i am planning to immigrate to Kuwait for job.
Could you let me know about job opportunities for administration Executive in Kuwait. and how much they will pay me(means what is the basic salary of administration Executive/administration officer). I have 3.6 years experience in the same field as administration Executive.

pls bro let me know all these things.

Thank you

greetings & Regards
Madhur Verma

I'm being offered a job in Kuwait city for $50,000 a year w/ free housing and car. Is there anyone that can give me an idea of how far my salary will take me compared to the U.S..?

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