Living in Kuwait as a single woman

Dear all,
I hope i can find my answers here, I'm planning to move in Kuwait next August, all alone and I'm overthinking everything,  I have some questions:-
I already have a car in my home country and i can't move without it, but is it necessary to own a car in kuwait? Is it going to be more affordable than uber?
Is buying car in installments going to cost me much more than paying in cash?
Are women allowed to smoke in smoking places and coffee shops that allow smoking?
If my monthly consumption list is: food, gym, cigarettes and outings twice weekly. How much am I going to spend?
What is the average transportation allowance?
If the accommodation is provided by the company will it be furnished? And are the utilities (electricity, water, internet etc.) Included?
What is the most common car in kuwait?
Is it safe for a single female?

Thank you very much I know there's many questions but I know you guys are gonna be helpful!

Hi dear, 🙋🏻‍♂️
1. First of all, to get driving license you should stay in Kuwait at least for 2 years as new comer then you can apply, this is if your designation will not be included from except list like doctor, engineer, manager, etc...
2. Of course buying car cash much better than installments but sometimes even with installments profits you can arrange if you have no enough cash
3. Its allowed to some cigarettes or shish in smoking areas for both men and women but not hashish hahahaha
4. Food consumption and gym average will be 80 - 130 kd; this will depend on the types of food and gym you will join
5. Almost transport allowance 50 is since its within area no far
6. Not necessarily to be furnished accommodation company and if yes then you dont need to pay for water and electricity, if not furnished then you need to buy and this is cheap not that much expensive
7. For my self, I like american car but you might not and I think american cars are the most in kuwait
8. Yes its safe for single female but also you need to be aware

Wish my answers could help you 😉
Feel free for any further information
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Thank you very much Badr! These answers are very helpful

kuwait is safe ....
you can smoke ... there is no restriction for smoking , except in closed areas.

as far as i know , for issuning car license as a foreigner you must provide evidence that your salary is above 900 KD ..........
and you must pass a driving test ....... they stopped accepting driving licenses issued from other countries, some years ago ....

the car you can buy it in installments ....... some banks give you loan with 0% to buy the car ,and you shall pay the installments to the bank .

uber and taxi here are expensive ... so , if you will need to go often to fr areas , then you shall pay a lot for uber ........ in this case , owning a car will save money .

in kuwait , you shall find all brands of cars :D ... american , european , japeneese , and also chineese :) ....  so you decide according to your budget ....

but regarding coming on august , i doubt it .......... no foreigners are allowed to enter kuwait now ( and it is almost the same like all countries ) because of corna virus safety measures ....... and it seems that measures will be for some months more ..

regarding the housing , i advice you to discuss details about furnitures and electricity and so on with the company before you come ...

Hi guys

I got a job in Kuwait including Accomodation
What am I looking at for cost of living
Basic expenses
Than you

Hi did you move to Kuwait?

Hi and welcome to expat.

In forum there are many posts discussed about your questions.

I recommend you to go through Kuwait forum and you will find all the details you looking for about food,transportation,accommodation,schools and daily expenses.

Hi am bright by happy to meet you


Im planning to move to Kuwait this year also!

Are you already there?

@Patrícia Pereira Hi, if you have any questions about what was said, please do feel free to ask and we'll enlighten you as best we can :)

@ahmed197666 900kd is incorrect.. correct required salary for a driving license in Kuwait is 600kd

@dylanhuddleston ok .. maybe there is new regulation .. or i had wrong info ...... thanks for correction :)

@Freshexpat  most welcome and hope that you moved safely and happy 😊