is 250 KWD salary good for me?

I have been offered a job in kuwait as marketing manager in a fmcg firm. Salary is 250 KWD. I am single 27 years, having a masters degree in fin & Mgt control and 2 years of work experience. Accommodation and travel (tickets) are taken care of by the employer, I want to know how much will i save, what it will be like living there, will my career prospects grow etc as i have absolutely no idea what is gonna crop up. i also dnt have any other job alternatives right now and this one is do or die.
I am in total chaos and confusion.

Not good for you ... not good for anyone. There is not confusion about it. I have never heard of anyone in Kuwait with a 250 KD salary with tickets and accommodation. Be careful not to be tricked into a fraudulent deal.

Thanks for the advice.......can you please elaborate it a bit?.....i mean this is what is in the contract along with the details i have mentioned in my post......can you please explain to me your concerns,,,,,,

Not good for such position less they will also include the marketing commissions؟!
250 is the minimum monthly salary for waitresses and waiters in Kuwait.

If you can, negotiate..otherwise, you deserve a better one.

Good luck!

the salary is pretty small, however if it is the only opportunity you have, so better to take it than nothing, if you are single i think you can purchase food with a budget between 60 - 100 KD and you can save the rest, that if the company will provide a decent accommodation ( sure it will be shared ) and transportation.

You can look at it as an experience in Gulf area which will help you to find another opportunity in the region, they always prefer people with previous experience in Gulf countries.

So try to negotiate the salary with them then accept and it can be a good step forward instead of staying home.

There must be something wrong with this!
I am in FMCG marketing my self and this amount raises so many question to my head.
If its really a Do or Die as you said then I would say to at least do some research about living expenses and have a phone call with the employer and negotiate it and while you're at it try to fetch some info about what sort of responsibilities or work scope you'll have cause to be honest I've never seen a marketing manager with only 2 years of work experience!

not good at all and i hope u will not make that mistake to think to come here with this offer and find another offer later.  stay there till u find ur good offer

don even think about it  even if someone told u its ok    good luck

Ask if this is the total package or the base salary? I have encountered companies that offer very low base salaries and give more than double in "allowances" (housing, transportation, etc), meaning they might give you 250 as base and another 500 in allowances for a total of 750.

You need to get a clear breakdown of the full amount of money you will receive at the end of each month, however if they give you allowances then they won't provide housing or transportation.

Cost of living in Kuwait varies, depending on where you live, where you eat , how you get around, etc, you can be very frugal or spend a lot of money.

That sounds very little for a managerial position! As a teacher there, I earned 800 KD a month, which is entry level. Housing , travel & transportation, were included. It doesn't sound very much, but it was sufficient to live off, though very frugally. But one doesn't go all that way, to live like a miser, though -- that one could do at home, with an extensive support network close by! What makes it worthwhile is the exchange rate between the KD and my own currency. So I could save heaps back home (i.e. in my own currency) with the little I earned in Kuwait!


Frankly speaking, You are misguided with  your current offer. Please note that standard F M C G company hiring Fresh Sales Executive 250KD basic salary+ Allowances+commission 

if somebody hire you as Marketing Manager,means to say,  the are not very professional or they are simply ignoring essential requirement like Basic Arabic Language, Market strategy,etc, However I am pretty sure about your future job If ever you decided to go for that means you are going to dig your grave here in Kuwait.

Marketing Manager is not a small designation, also most of the companies hiring GCC experienced professionals for their Industry. If your recruiter required a rubber stamp then you don't have nothing to do over there.

ok, for me this would be no go at all. for a salary like this. i do not know where you come from but this would for me far too law.
life in kuwait is expensive and your house will be paid.
it can be possible that you have to share a small apartments with other people and that would be for me not acceptable. it depends what you are used to but i should ask better workconditions and salary too.

Hi I am from the Netherlands Maastricht

You are on this moment are in Kuwaith?


Dear avamn,

However it is small salary, but it also depends on what is your current salary. If you will be proved an accommodation + ticket, you have to spend on food (if you are not employed with hotel industry) and basics. 

But yes, once you enter in Kuwait you will definitely have a vast career option not only in Kuwait but in entire middle east.


Yes you can....provided your company gives you accomodation.

Dear sir I have got a job in Kuwait qualification I am mba marketing salary which company offering in contract is 250 kwd and mentioned accomdation 75 kwd is it gud or bad kindly help as  i don't know anything about there

this salary for new start up as I donthave any detail all descion will be yours on entry level its ok

until you know Arabic written ans spoken you will be failure in marketing and sales pls note this

Dear dhiraj I won't be able to save anything after saving the amount and time duration for 2 yrs I would make that much money in India bt still confused as opportunity for overseas doesn't comes quickly

As there is no food no stay I may have to keep an maid or outside hotel food jus 40 k would come in hand which I will get in India also as per my qualifcation of mba and 4 yrs of experience note on fact it's a new market and new language I agree with you on that point no saving to send my mom the money

saving you forget even your survival will be difficult task

Yes dhiraj that's what I would love to come to Kuwait but end of day salary I would see nothing would come in hand infact my pcc process got completed and I met and Indian guy who is been in Kuwait and told me about high expenses over there are you there in fb I would like to add u up buddy

Please advice me if is 300 KD a good salary for accountant position at AUM in kuwait
I have 5 years experience in banking sector

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