MOE teaching position contracts Jan 2019

Hey, I am supposed to be flying out on Saturday too! Haven't received my ticket/ visa as yet.

Are you from the UK? Which recruiter are you with if you dont mind me asking.

I'm from london, with Astute Education. How about yourself?

Birmingham with Inadvanced. Has your recruiter advised when the tickets will be sent? As we are 4 days away from 5th January.

Yesterday I was told they are expecting to receive the next batch of visas any day now. Are you flying with Etihad airways?

I have been told that the visas have already been completed and just waiting on tickets. I received the itenary last week, however I was told most likely it would be etihad airways.

I was told I'd be given the itinerary when I receive my ticket. Nerves are kicking in now!

Dw we shall receive tickets soon! Did they also say that you could fly out on 13th Jan too?

No, did your agency say you fly out on the 13th? I will give them another call tomorrow.

They said that they have 2 dates available. One on 5th and one on 13th. I have a feeling they will end up being for the 13th.

Oh I see. I was told it would be the 5th. I wouldn't mind if it is for the 13th, more time to prepare!

Yup! I will probably wait till Thursday and then get in contact with them regarding what is happening with these tickets.

Yes! which subject will you be teaching after completion of the TTP?

Maths and yourself?

Cool. Health science!

When and where did you have your interview?

My interview was in June, In london.

Hey sabam ..i am from india and had my interview in october
I am also going to teach health u will be going there very soon....all the best...please keep posted...

How comes you didnt fly out in September then? That is a very long time to wait.

Finally received visa and air tickets.
Have to fly on 5th Jan!

Well,  my interview was in Sep. So waiting since long time!

Congratulations Rathantara! Finally....sooo happy for you and best wishes :D

Congratulations ...where u attended the interview?

Thank you.
I attended the interview in New Delhi.

Hey, have you been doing any revision for the health science curriculum? I would like to prepare but not 100% sure what I should be going over!

Hey saq, I guess it's because my contract didn't arrive until October, and the next available start date was in  Jan. Also, spoke to my agency this morning and they've  asked me not to worry, and that the visas come last minute so that we have the maximum time in the country from the point of being given our visa till visa expiry (hope that makes sense).

No i am not revising anything...because again i am unsure of their curriculum.... :(

Hi Sabam that does make sense, but tomorrow is the last working day in the UAE (Friday and Saturday is weekends) so if we dont get the tickets by tomorrow does it mean we dont fly out on 5th? My recruiter is currently on holiday and tbh its getting very annoying now aswell.

I totally understand your frustration. The fact that they haven't mentioned the 13th as a start date to me, I am hopeful that the tickets will most probably come through tomorrow.

I hope so too!!!

Also, if you're not already aware, etihad airways is a little strict with their cabin baggage dimensions. It took me ages to find a cabin bag that meets their requirements!!!!

Hey saq, I've been informed that my departure date will now be on the 13th of Jan.

Hi I have been told by my recruiter who just came back on Holiday, that mine will most likely be the same date 🙄 have you got your tickets then?

Still not received my ticket. I hope it does come through soon.

If it doesnt come tomorrow then expect a fly out date on the 13th! Thats the situation I see myself in tbh.

Yes, this is the case for me!

Did they advise you to give youre notice in at your current employer about 2-3 weeks ago?

My last day at work was 3 weeks back. How about you?

2 weeks ago!! Because I thought I would fly out on the 5th, if I knew I was going on 13th I would have worked an extra week or 2 tbh!!!

Any updates for you as of yet?

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